What Light- Jay Asher Review #2

Reveived at BEA Chicago!!!
For people wanting a book just like his first, thats not what you’re going to get. It’s best if you just forget that exists and try to enjoy this for what it is.
And frankly my dears, I wasn’t all that impressed.
Sierra’s family has a christmas tree farm in Oregon, but closer to Thanksgiving they go to California to sell those precious trees.
She overhears her parents talking and this might be the last year for the Christmas trees. Its been a family tradition and soon they might have to give it up due to lack of funds. While her best friends in Oregon are excited, Sierra is not. She loves keeping this tradition alive.
Her best friend in California doesn’t like that this might be it for the farm either. So, she wants to make it the year Sierra has a Christmas fling.
All the guys that hit on Sierra… get the worse end of the stick when good old dad is around and they get toilet duty.
That is until Caleb (bad boy winking) buys tree after tree from her lot. Sierra is totally smitten…. that is until Calebs secret is revealed.

This book was okay for what it was, but predictable as all hell.
When Sierras mom and dad find out the truth about Caleb, they don’t act how normal parents would act. No one will be that calm with this. This gives false hope to all those future daters in the universe. Parents aren’t always so chill.
When a book is predictable, I usually tend to shy away. But for fans of love and forgiveness…. you’ll fall in love and want your own magical tree boy with dimples.

What light jay Asher 

Omg loved loved loved this book!!!! It’s by far one of my fav reads of 2016.  This I could see being made into a hallmark special minus a few changed towards the ending. But this story is ironic since I read a quarter of this Christmas book on a middle of a lake on a raft with it being 90 out. 


So just think myself middle of this on a raft X).  

Reason I loved this book is because I fan of all things Christmas espcially all the love stories and comedy love stories around that time. To say also this is my first book from jay Ashton so had no clue if wold like his writing. But onto finally what the book is about starts off Sierra since she was little is every year starting thanksgiving she leaves her town and friends in Oregon to go help her family sell tree’s for Christmas. But the this possiably could be there last year doing it since not making enough money any more. While one day Sierra meets Caleb at the farm and slowly thru bumping each other on the tree farm get know each other but can Sierra get Caleb to open up since a old past event keeps haunting him. In October when this book comes out is when you can figure out but if want a extremely cute Christmas book this is way to go, just like I will be every Christmas season read this book.

100/5 stars 


Ghosts- Raina Telgemeier


Received this at BEA Chicago!!
This is my first ever experience with Raina Telgemeier… (Booo!!) Hey now! Calm it down, as least Im givng it a try. Geez!

Cat is upset that she has to leave her friends behind because her family is moving to the Northern Coast. Her sister Maya is sick with cystic fibrosis and they think the cool fresh air will benefit her health. So, off they go to Bahia de la Luna.
The town is so rich in culture that the girls decide to explore and that’s when they hear tales of ghosts that freak Cat out. The town throws a big celebration for the Day of the dead and Cats not so sure about any of it.
They meet Carlos, a friendly next door neighbor who gives ghost tours to make some money, but gives them the tour for a friend’s discount (free).
Upon the tour, they meet so many ghosts that it sucks all of Mayas good air and she has to be rushed to the hospital….
Cat must learn to embrace her fear for the sake of herself and her sister Maya.

This was such an enjoyable read. The story was right up my alley creepy without overdoing it. Cat and Mayas tale was heartbreakingly sweet that this can’t be over for these two loveable gals.
As an entire whole this is a fantastic read for young and old. You’re never too old to learn something new and love it.
Sometimes you have to let it go to actually have fun.

Unnatural Deeds- Cyn Balog


Received this at BEA Chicago!

On the back of this book it states it has an ending that readers won’t see coming. And me being who I am… fully acceptes that challenge. My mind started to race with a million different ideas and I thought I found my answer. It was way waaayyy off. That ending will blow your freaking mind. My brain is running over this ending a mile a minute, pure freaking brilliance.

Victoria has anxiety and is new to St. Anns school. She’s extremely shy and piles on the pills just to make it through the day. Her next door boyfriend, Andrew has agoraphobia and never leaves his house. They have been together since they were kids. Their love is unbreakable. That is until….
Zachary, the other new student at St. Anns and he grabs everyone’s attention. The students and facility stick to him like glue. He gets what he wants…. always. His eyes are windows to the soul (Trust me, what you guess about him will be completely and utterly wrong)
When Vic lays eyes on Z, she’s his for the win.
The loves becomes a sort of fascination and which turns from childish crushes to scary obsession.
Throughout Vic tries to dig apart Z’s brain to figure him out and he does the same with her.
As this plays along, rumors start and school kids get petty.
The truth will emotionally destroy all in its path….
Then that twist freaking ending…. Holy Mother Of God!!! Don’t trust anyone!!!

This book gave me goosebumps throughout. Still shocked at that ending that I couldn’t figure out. Totally at a loss for words….
While reading this you become fully engaged and lose all thought of surroundings.
A book that must to added to your tbr or else you’ll regret it!

Our chemical hearts ****

Start off by saying bY saying this day photo was taken was perfect a day off and drinking a nice iced mint cappchino at my fav coffee shop . 

This book was ok. But what is about is a guy (Henry) he is really dorky and only girl he has kissed was his best friend who ended up being a lesbian so besides that he has no love interests till he meets grace. And at first no attraction at all since she limps, she dresses like a guy and anything like that. But don’t really meet till he is sorta forced to work with grace since there teacher made both of them part of school news paper, so that’s where this whole story starts up with a odd ball of a girl. And a guy. Somethings I liked by this is a lot of modern tv shows/ books involved like my fav Harry Potter. Which ehem in a professor umbridge voice Stacy does not like tsk tsk. And thanks to these I was laughing like crazy at my coffee shop. Another thing I liked Henry is such a romantic it’s crazy cute.  Ok onto fully the SPOILERS ;). AHEM write down I must not tell lies. Ok well no spoilers that was a lie. But you should read it if interested in dorky romance  with a extremely odd ball girl which you’ll learn why. 4/5 stars. ——~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

The Sun Is Also A Star- Nicola Yoon

“Perfect and beautiful misery”
“A voice stretched so thin with loneliness and wanting that it should break”
Natasha is a teen making her way through New York and trying to save her family from being deported. As a young girl, her family immigrated to the states from Jamacia for a better life. Well, a better life for her head in the clouds father. They live in a very tiny one bedroom apartment and they are trying to make ends meet. While drunk, her dad gets pulled over and blabs to the cop about being illegal in the country and that leads to the deportation of her entire family. This life is all she knows and is on the hunt for someone who can save her.
Daniel is a Korean American that believes in fate and love at first site. He is always living in the footsteps of his older brother until his brother gets suspended from the most prestigious college there is. Now all this weight will be placed on Daniel’s shoulders. His dad wants only the best for him, wants him to go to the best college and become a doctor, but Daniel has other views for the future. He wants to be a poet, poor in money… rich in words.
The future of these two change when fate brings them together on the day that will change their lives forever.
Will the love of these two flawed characters change for the better? Or will this one day of love and fight bring their worlds crashing down around them?

Such a heartbreakingly beautiful read. Nicola Yoon writes with such passion and wanting that it’s hard to turn away. The love that blooms makes you want to venture out into the world for your one shot at incredible love.

“Dark matter is love. It’s the attracting force”


Swindle- Gordon Korman

Our first-ever One Book One Summer for kids at the library and I had to read it to help with the fun little scavenger hunt that we are going to have.

Griffin is a kid just like every other normal kid except for that fact that his family is broke. His dad quit his job to work on his latest invention and it’s costing his family their home.
They get word of the Old Rockford House being demolished and they plan on staying there one night in the haunted old place.
The plan falls through and the only two that show up are Griffin and Ben.
Ben is the first to fall asleep, so Griffin goes on a tour. He stumbles across an old desk and finds a very rare Babe Ruth card from the twenties.
In the morning, they go to Palomino’s Emporium to find out what the card is actually worth. The price of this could help out Griffins family in a huge way. Palomino tells the kids it’s worthless, but buys it off from them for $120 and they split the price.
Come to find out later in the day that the card is extremely rare and could go for over a million dollars. Palomino is holding a very high bid auction for the card. Now Griffin is out to seek what is truthfully his.
With plots and schemes, he tries to get what belongs to him without getting arrested.
The book was interesting and inventive with the ways they decided to get back what belonged to them.
The only thing that got me was how no one got in trouble for breaking and entering. And a sale is a sale, no matter what happens.
If the outcome for the thieves were any different this would have been  reality, but since it went smoothly for almost everyone it takes away from the final thought.
To any kid, this would be genius and clever, but to adults who know better…. meh!