Girl In Pieces-Kathleen Glasgow

“A girl’s life is the worst life in the world. A girl’s life is: you are born, you bleed, you burn.”
Your heart will break and fill with love over Secret Girls story.
Got a copy from BEA Chicago!!!
Self-harm is such a taboo subject and has been written about over and over again to no avail. But this will make you feel the hurt and the devastation of the life of a cutter.
Charlie wakes up in an odd home surrounded by other girls with a similar situation as hers and she clams up. Charlie has bandages over her arms and thighs. She doesn’t talk and stays quiet for a long time before she realizes not everyone is out to destroy her. It takes some coaxing to get her to speak and when she does, she makes friends for a lifetime.
While getting computer privileges for school, she logs into an old email account and messages her good friend Mikey to save her.
Her funds are dwindling and can no longer stay in the house for support and she must venture out into the real world to live a better life than before. With the help of Mikey, she moves to Tuscon, Arizona. There’s not much she can get into in a desert community, besides love.
New town, new experiences and a means to live. She must find a job and it just so happens one falls into her lap and she falls in love.
Men usually wind up ruining everything you thought and hope for. Riley, a musician, and cook for True Grit spots out strange girl and gives her a job washing dishes. He has a big secret too and the two broken people find each other. But their secrets are too much to handle together and it becomes toxic.
What saves Charlie from her life is drawing. it releases stress and makes her remember the bad/good times of her life.
With Mikey away with his band on tour, leads Charlie to continue her toxic relationship with Riley, a user who terrifies Charlie but also makes her heart race.
With them, two together leads Charlie through some things she prayed she would never get into again…..

When you’re broken into pieces you have to pick yourself up and mend back together. In order to do that, you’ll have to want to change.
This is a real eye-opener to people who believe that this is all for attention and for people who want to know more about what travels through someone’s mind as they do devastating things.
An intense story of straight emotion that will make your flesh goose and tears flow heavily. I’m so in love with this story that I’m ready to read this all over again. This is one every parent and teen need to pick up. This is real life, this is what happens when people bully or take advantage of someone. This does not make you a bad person, people need to learn to love one another and stop the hate.
And the greatest line from a book ever…
“The singer splashes his face with a cup of beer, lights a cigarette, throws it into the crowd, and hunches back over the microphone, singing about coyotes and girls and beer and being a garbageman.”

5/5 *Stacy*

Caraval by Stephanie garber ****

Caraval is a good book it’s very twisty and 80% of the book you have no idea what will happen and each decision you do comes with a cost. But to start out the book you meet Scarlett who writes to legend and wants to experience caraval like crazy since her grand ma told her all sorts of magical story’s made it seems amazing and beautiful. But every year no response till finally one day she does. But to go she has evade some people since they control her life. Slowly on the voyage she meets people are they helpful or not gotta find out though ;). Some things I loved about this was the mysterious of who legend is and his island even if bad things happen. Another thing can say if you like books won’t know what will happen next this is your book. 

Some things I don’t like but other will is twist and turns having no idea what will happen but I know my co blogger Stacy is exact oppsite and loves twist and turns. Another was I don’t know if book was doing circles but felt something happened but was hard to understand if even helped Scarlett out or not since everything still has you questioning every move you did and if it helped you. 

Gotta say though Stephanie is sooo freaking amazing I met her at ala book convention and hope one day meet her again and responds like crazy to you on Instagram so one of those authors feel can really get to know. 

But this book  with how it was not normally my book I’d usually read but I really really liked it and can’t wait to read book 2 and this read is well worth it. 4.5/ 5 by JUSTIN 

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea!- Ben Clanton


“This is going to be podtastic!”
Received from Netgalley for an honest review.
Walking around BEA Chicago, I was stopped and asked a very serious question… Was I a happy super fantastic Narwhal or a somber jellyfish? A unicorn of the sea, one in a million, a killer horn on my head, I thought as I decided and stars formed in my eyes. I’m a freaking Narwhal and was proudly handed a button which I wore like a badge of honor.
Narwhal the happy Narwhal was swim swim swimming around and stopped in his tracks because he was swimming in new territory. Looking around he spots a creature he has never encountered before. And who shall you be asked the Narwhal? Ugh, I’m a jellyfish… duh!
Are you real they asked each other? Prove it!!
Hmmm… imaginary friends? Yes, thats what they are, but friends none the less.
Pods!! Thats what Narwhals travel in… pods. Time for Jelly and Narwhal to find other sea animals to join their pod.
On another adventure they create magic with their minds and did I mention that they love waffles!
Narwhals are my spirit animals. Unicorns of the sea will rule the world one day.
This is such a cute book and one I will add to my collection.
Not only do you fall in love with Narwhal, you learn some pretty nifty facts about them.
Great read for all!

Naked ’76- Kevin Brooks


“I would have looked good, in an elegantly wasted kind of way… I would of looked cool, like I didn’t care… I would of looked rock ‘n’ roll. But I wasn’t.”

Lila is quiet, pretty and plays the piano. At school, shes the loner and doesn’t bother with people much.
Curtis is the school god. Everyone knows him, they want to be him and all the girls want a piece of what he’s offering. Not only does he look good, but he’s in a band. Girls always want what others want and can’t have.
While practicing the piano, Curtis is watching Lila and enjoying every swift note. They start chatting about what other instruments she plays and invites her to his band practice.
And that’s how Curtis and Lila come to be. A coincidence can bring people together and it can tear down the world.
At practice, Curtis shows her a few things and they start jamming. Lila is in and is now part of the band and dating Curtis….
The rhythm guitarist starts his shit and now they are on the hunt for someone who fits. Not coming up with much, that is until William shows up and acts not interetsted and blows them all away.
Lila is struck by how he looks and his eyes that are so intense that shes smitten.
They are now the one and only Naked! They start playing gigs with huge bands like The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and even The Clash.
But something about William is throwing off the balance of the band. From missing practices and being secretive, Curtis is envious of this mystery guitar player.
If anyone can break him it’s Lila and thats exactly what she does. He spills just enough about his life that she feels for him and also worries herself into a panic at times.
Curtis the jealous creature that he is.. accuses Lila of being unfaithful and sleeps with the known slut Charlie Brown. He’s falling deeper and deeper into drugs and booze. That’s what bands do, right? He can’t handle himself and goes off the deep end.
Not only does Lila have to deal with his shit, the secretive life of Billy The Kid, but she has a crazy life to deal with… (Read the book suckers and find out)
Love blossoms between Lila and William, it’s a love way different than what she had with Curtis.
The bigger shows they play, the more publicity and record contracts are being offered. And that’s when William starts backing away. (Nope nope nope… Im not giving that one away neither) Pfft! Spolied.
We all have secrets, but nothing like whats in this book. Major mind blowing secrets.
I applaud Brooks for all the extensive research he did for this book. There are so many intricate details to this story that I had to always look this up to make sure that this wasn’t nonfiction and I’m still shocked that it’s not. It throws huge names around and with this story it could have happened.
It’s raw and very powerful. There are so many different sides to being in a band and this is the side no one wants to believe. It’s dirty and provocative.
Really great book for people who want to go back in time and relive the greatest musical time of our lives. It’s so much more than music, it has hate and war of the 70s and brings it all together. A definite read.

Dark Matter- Blake Crouch


Received at BEA Chicago and met the author.
      Enjoy The Ride!!!

I’m not a genius by any means and I read a lot. So if I can figure out the ending… you must have went wrong somewhere.
There’s not much to say without giving a lot away.

Jason loves his life and loves his family, but what happens if he chose a different path… would he end up in the same scenario he is now?
While talking about dinner, Jason’s wife tell him to go to the bar and congratulate his friend Ryan on winning an award and do not forget to pick up the ice cream.
On the way home, he feels someone following him. At the last second, a guy tells him to do what he says or else. He follows the directions and they drive to an abandoned building. Swapping clothes and Jason telling him the secrets of his life, this mystery guy injects him with a drug that knocks him out. When Jason wakes up he’s being pushed on a gurney in a strange place…. Let the games begin!!

A mysterious thrill-ride the readers will enjoy. For a nerd like me, I figured out the end and wasn’t surprised or even shocked at the end. We all knew where this is going. I think for people who don’t figure this out will enjoy the ride with every bump, twist, and turn.


Quick reminder, Never trust yourself!

Catacomb- Madeleine Roux

Spooky Ghost shit Y’all!!!

Catacomb made me sad. Not like I’m going to cry sad, more like this is it tantrum sad. Wasn’t as mysterious and my least favorite in the series.
Dan, Abby, and Jordan are still the same and dealing with the same ghost dealies that they have always dealt with, but now they are in the big easy.
Jordan is moving to New Orleans to live with his Uncle Steve as he spreads his wings and prepares for college life, minus the things that go bump in the night (Ghosts… boo!!)
Dan and Abby decide to travel with his as one last hurrah and to finally start having some fun. But we all know that there wouldn’t be another book if something didn’t pop up and scare the pants off of these pesky kids!
One night Dan gets a facebook message…. from Micah (Not everyone lose their shit at once). We all know Micah, the crazy kid who Dan watched die in the previous book. He keeps sending Dan messages about what to be alert about and to watch their backs. As they travel from city to city and state to state, Dan feels like he is finally figuring out who his parents were and how they lived their lives.
Abby lets the cat out of the bag and decides not to start college right away and stands firm with pursuing her career in photography. With each new place, comes disturbing pictures and a rich history of all things morbid.
We all know they dig a little too deep and get themselves caught in something they could have avoided if they minded their own business. But Noooo!!! They can’t leave well enough alone.
Once in New Orleans and having a great time. They sneak and they pest and the Bone Artists are now on the hunt for that fabulous pinky finger… (Yum yum)
How will they ever deal with these apparitions and all these bones? (Faints) The horror!

This one was the worst one out of the bunch and my rating is being very generous. We all know that this isn’t the end and maybe it should have ended with the second one, not counting the short stories.
Adventure my ass, nosy little shits!

Uncovering Officer Smith- Sheena Hutchinson

“His eyes speak to my soul. I lose control when I raise my head and see him; it’s as though I can’t breathe.”
Received an E-Arc for an honest review.

This is the first book that I’ve ever read by Sheena. This brings the captivating officer John Smith into the picture. For all of you who have read Discovering April and craved more of this mysterious cop, now’s your chance to get your fill. After reading this story, it makes me want to pick up Discovering April to learn more about what made Smithy who he is in this story and we do some uncovering… oh yes we do!!

Becca comes from a rich family but does things on her own. Going to college on a full scholarship and is solely focused on school. She doesn’t let parties or even drop dead gorgeous guys get in her way. Her roommate Meggie is the complete opposite. Going to parties and bringing home different men almost every night. And that’s how Becca gets her social fill.
John Smith (come on!) is a police officer for Angelica NY police department by day and a bouncer at The Bar by night. With the occasional knight in shining armor. Oh! Let me not forget the best part…. The bachelor womanizer who is with a different woman every night. Best friend, Bedford (also Beccas brother… hold for gasps) helps him pick up more ladies.
Meggie drags Becca out to the bar and as soon as they walk through the door, Becca is left alone. She’s approached by two guys and they hit it off. Smithy is manning the door that night and can’t keep his eyes off of Becca.
After Becca accepts the drink from those two guys, she starts to feel woozy and blacks out. As those guys are dragging her out the back door, John comes and saves the day and takes her to the hospital. When Becca wakes she’s startled by not realizing where she is. John saved the day and promised to let her know if they catch those bastards who drugged her.
They part ways and don’t think anything of each other until…. Ford throws a party that they are both invited to.
Walking into the party, Becca wants to go back to studying. Ford introduces her to his friend and what the hell do you know? They meet again. Smithy with his eyes that make her knees weak.
Beer pong leads to staying the night and Becca and Smithy wind up sleeping together. Not that…. yet.
Smithy is not one to be in a committed relationship and Ford threatens John about staying away from his sister or else.
But forbidden fruit always tastes the greatest.
Becca is changing John and for the better. He doesn’t even look at another girl after he met her. And their crazy hookups turn into meaningful romance.
Ford finds out and forbids John from ever seeing Becca. John cuts ties with Becca that destroys her. She loses focus in school and goes out partying every night which scares her best friend and next dorm neighbor. Which goes from booze to drugs in an instant.
John and Becca think about one another constantly, but Becca is still clueless about the threats.
What will be Beccas last straw?

I didn’t think that I was going to enjoy this as much as I did. Certain situations made me gasp and left me shocked. Love can be a devious mistress and can tear two people apart. You will be drawn in from page one and the going back and forth between Becca and John with each chapter makes you tear through this story to find out what the perspective. It’s way different than what I’m used to reading, but I really enjoyed this and look forward to reading more by this author.