Heartless- Marissa Meyer

“Do be careful, Sir Joker….. A heart, once stolen, can never be taken back.”

You guys should still see the look on my face after I finished this. My eyes are still wide and my mouth is hitting the floor. Absolutely magnificent. 

I was very sad that this was one of the main books that I wanted at BEA and couldn’t get my hands on it. I got lucky enough to trade for a signed copy of this and no one is even allowed to breathe on my baby. Don’t even think about it… No No No….

We all know my love and deep desire for anything Alice In Wonderland and how disappointed I was at Furthermore. This is the story of the Queen Of Hearts by the Queen herself M. Meyer and boy did she not disappoint. She never does and I doubt she ever will. 
Lady Catherine Pinkerton Of Rock Turtle Cove is a daughter of a wealthy family and they only want her to succeed in life and marry into royalty. But her passion, that her mum and dad dislike is baking. She can turn anything into scrumptious bites that will have the entire Hearts kingdom talking.  

Her dream for life is owning a bakery with her best friend/maid MB. To make this dream become a reality, she must persuade her parents into letting her pursue her dream and make it big. But it seems that they have different plans in the works. 

The big plan…. Lady Cath will one day be the Queen of Hearts and rule beside the King, her loving dumb witted husband. Not very smart and not at all brave, all he wants is Lady Catherine’s hand in marriage and her sweet sweet confections. (Drool….)

At the King’s royal bash, he introduces everyone to the new royal court Jester named Jest and Catherine feels her heart race and sweat drip down in places that we should not mention. (fanning herself) Oh! Sweet Jesus.

Lady Catherine might be in love. Oh Joy! Oh Joy! Wait!? What is it? Not in love with the King? Oh My!

A lady can’t be in love with a low commoner… a man who dances his ass off with fruit in his hair…. Will her parents except this love?

Will love come to Catherine? Or will madness capture them all? 

Whimsical and just down right fucking heartless. This will ruin you. I knew she wouldnt let me down. True love might exist, but not here.

5/5 ♡Stacy♡

Scythe by Neal shusterman

Wowzzers is all I have to say this book is amazing!!!! This was my first book by him but I’d gladly go pick up his other series that I heard was dystopian. But to start out this book ‘s 2 main characters are asked to join to be scythe apprentice to be trained to be like the grim reaper. In this book they are the only death they bring people which is “supposed” to be random since humans had conquered all deaths, sickness, and disease. So to keep the planet down of its population they have scythes glean (kill). Some things I loved about this even though it’s a stand alone the book all the way thru is amazing. Like this book isn’t just oh learning how to be something then get towards end to graduating or the challenge no this book adds more events in between with some twists I didn’t see coming at all. Plus to me it’s really hard to make a book about the grim reaper and still keep it interesting. Like the series croak I had read that and was sooo bored but a series I might go back to just find out what happens since I hate not knowing and don’t like to use wiki for things like that. 

I have absolutely no complaints for this book.  So with that said I feel you should pre order your copy today you won’t regret it. ~~~~ JUSTIN 

Holding up the universe by Jennifer niven

This book was sooo fantastic!!! I did it in one day which rarely ever happens. But starts out pretty much, Libby is finally going back to public school in like 5 years. The reason she wasn’t was because she had to be rescued from house since she was the worlds fastest teen at 600 pounds, and wasn’t able get out of bed. In jacks case he has a brain disorder so I can’t put a name or memory to people even his own family. The one thing going for him than Libby is he is popular. But due to his brain disorder he gets mixed up at a party a girl who looks like his gf and another girl. But after the party at school his friends are all playing a game called well you’ll have to figure that out ;). But this prank goes wrong since makes Jack and Libby both be sent to community service.  That’s what I’ll leave you with ;). By the way this is the book I thought dumplin should of ended and all when I had read that book.  To all the people who love everything everything your going to love this book!!!!! Comes out in October trust me pre order it. 5/5 stars.~~~~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

Caraval- Stephanie Garber

caraval 1

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!
Holy mother of fucking hell!!!
This has to be the best book that I have read this year. All of you reading this… add this to the list of books to buy. Don’t just read this, you must buy it and love it. I need someone to freak out with over this.
Just remember that this is all a game…..
Tella and Scarlett have been by each others side since day one. Their mom left them to fend for themselves with their dad. Horrible, evil no good conniving dad. So, Scarlett makes sure that Tella has everything that she needs.
Every year since they were little Scarlett has been sending letters to the one and only Legend, Master of Caraval asking for them to come to her Isle. But Caraval only visits a place once and that’s it. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Caraval has not traveled anywhere in quite some time.
Scarlett begs and pleads and with no response, she gives up. She’s getting married to a Count that she has never met and will give him her full attention. Meaning Caraval is a distant memory.
That’s when the sisters receive some magical news. They have been asked to come and play the game. Winner gets one wish.
Afraid of what dad will do, Scarlett decides to not go. Dad will lay the heavy hand if they both disappear.
Tella coming upon a very attractive sailor named Julian. They kidnap Scarlett and travel on their way to play the game.
Let the games begin!!!!!
This is as much as I can say without giving anything away. I mean, if they decided not to go and play the game… there wouldn’t be a book. So, that’s a given.
This being a brain teaser of a book, I tried to guess what the heck was going on. And when you finally think you have it, about fifty pages later the main character has those same thoughts and you couldn’t have been more wrong. No one will ever guess this end.
I needed book two like yesterday and I can’t wait.
It leaves you on a humongous cliffhanger and you have so many questions that your mind starts to swirl and tilt.
I’m excited to see a finished copy of this book and I hope she does a signing.
I can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with Caraval!!!

5/5 ♡Stacy♡

A torch against the night by sabaa Tahir 

 Well let’s say I think possibly this is my first review on a book that isn’t the first in a series.   But want to say this book o feel will do really well to its hype that book 1 had. This book was really good doesn’t have to many points where it seemed to drag on. Only thing that bugged me since book one laia has been complaining and complaining I gotta free my brother I gotta free my brother enough we know that already….. Just for warning so much death in this book to characters. But I can’t wait for book 3 Atleast I’ll be on the hype train like a lot of people. 4/5 stars. ~~~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

The Women In the Walls- Amy Lukavics

And now you’re thinking… I hope thats sheperds pie in my knickers!

Dark and twisted novel that I kind of seen coming. It sucks when you can figure out most of the murderous plot. Here I was blaming all the men and it was the ladies. Damn you!!

Blogger JT got this personally signed for me at Ala Orlando!

Some elements of this book make you think of other horror themed movies. What pops into my head the most often is The Omen. “It’s all for you Damien! It’s all for you.” And bam right out the window. 

Growing up in the middle of nowhere in a giant mansion with an asshole of a father is never a spectacular time and Lucy’s life is no different. At the age of three her mother dies and in moves her Aunt Penelope and her daughter Margaret. Lucy looks up to Penelope like shes her mother and it leaves Margaret in the dust. 

Growing up together they act more like sisters. One day Penelope walks out into the woods and never returns. Devastation comes to the Acosta family and Margaret starts to lose her mind.

Lucy’s dad is all about keeping the Acosta name high in value and only cares about his high class virtue of the prestigious country club. God forbid disappearances and madness get in the way of him living the high life. 

Slowly Margaret finds comfort in the attic and believes the voices shes hearing is her mothers voice. The scratching on the walls starts to drive her insane. Lucy tries all she can to help, but it might be too late and she begins to hear the same voices. 

A legacy is one to uphold in the Acosta family and dont you forget. 

Now hurry up along and don’t forget to swallow those teeth. 

Interesting for the most part and at its peak it sunk like the Titanic. Going back and forth trying to decipher what the voices really want was a hell of a chase. For people who love horror, it was plain as day and a kick to the shin. 

Being YA horror, this is the creepiest and most gruesome one to date. Surprising that they would consider this ya, that is until the teenage girls talk about cutting and thats when it becomes a teen fest. 

Still a good leadway to what I hope becomes horror ya central.

3/5 ♡Stacy♡

More Happy Than Not- Adam Silvera

“I will do my best to always find the sun in the darkness because my life isn’t one sad ending- it’s a series of endless happy beginnings.”

I’m sitting here beaming with a shit eating grin of my face because I thought I had this book figured out completely. Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. And here I was going to bet my soul on this and the devil would of had one delicious time. 

Thought this was going to be about finding yourself and accepting the life that was handed to you, I wasn’t expecting forgetting and forgetting with a little more forgetting. 

I’m truly shocked, but in a deep soul touching kind of way. 

Growing up in the Bronx is rough, if you’re broke and live in the projects your life is on a downward spiral.

Aaron lives in a tiny apartment with his older brother and his mom. Not that long ago Aaron tried to commit suicide from not being able to deal with the burden of everyday life. Lets not forget that his father committed suicide in that same apartment and in the tub where Aaron found him. Not feeling safe, he ran. Leaving his fears in the wind. But this is where the story takes a major twist and fucks your mind.

Aaron has a very supportive girlfriend Genevieve, Shes been by hide side since day one and they are the love of each other’s lives until….. Aaron slowly learns that what he really craves is another man in his life. And in the boyfriend type of way (get it guuurrrl). He tries to find that in his new best friend Thomas. Not wanting to break his girlfriends heart, he sneaks around. He tries to keep it to himself, but all people seem to know. 

Seeing pamphlets in town for the Leteo Institute Aaron believes that this might help him in the future. This place does surgery when they can help make you forget the worst troubles in your life. But its a very tricky procedure that might not take. 

Between forbidden hidden love, “friends” who judge and true faithful nobodies this makes you want to uplift people who are in need of a shoulder. 

This book had me all sorts of fucked up. I felt like I had twelve arms and was being pulled into all different directions. Gasping at each page as I flip them violently. Not believing the words that I’m reading and sometimes rereading it over and over again. Thinking these pages were playing tricks on me. I wanted Aaron and Thomas to bet it and I got so much more in the end. Holy hell on a dip stick.

4/5 ♡Stacy♡