A Shadow Bright And Burning- Jessica Cluess

“Women are ruled by emotion, and when they receive power, they warp themselves to fit.”

Wow! Let me collect myself….

A lot of people have been comparing this to Red Queen because two strong female characters have the ability to control/create fire. This book puts Red Queen into a choke hold of death and doesn’t let up. Finish her!!! 

Henrietta is a teacher in a small village, who also has been keeping a very fiery explosive secret. Not only is she female, but she can control/produce fire without injuring herself. That makes her one badass sorcerer and can flame on when she wants. Let’s hope she never gets denied a bank loan…

Agrippa is on the hunt for the prophesied one. The female sorcerer who will save the world from the evil monsters that lerk.

While out one day, Rook was being attacked and Henrietta saves him. With that being said… her secret is busted wide open. No holding back now and Agrippa wants Henrietta to join his training sessions on how to battle using her powers. She agrees on one condition, that her beloved Rook joins her. And now they are set to save the world. 

At training, the only person who accepts this female is Magnus. He loves all the ladies and wants them to succeed. Most of them put her life through a little hell. 

What’s going to become of our Henrietta?

And that’s all you get. No spoilers on who Henrietta really is and why shes so desirable.
I kept telling myself that this is a four star book if Henrietta doesn’t get laid. The sexual tension was so thick that I was drowning in it, gasping for a breath that would not come (For the both of us). But betrayal and deceiving came into play and I was left mesmerized. 

This is one hell of a good read and I can’t wait until the next one comes out. This will be the next fandom of the year. 

The way its written and flows it captures every fiber of your being and doesn’t let go. 

And ladies, we all need a little Rook in our lives.

5/5 ♡Stacy♡

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