I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter- Brian K. Henry

“No rest for the eerie”

It takes a lot to scare me and freak me out. I have read so many horror novels and seen a lot of horror movies, that most things don’t even phase me. Except if you’re Angela from Sleepaway Camp, then I’m gone. You’ll see a cloud of dust shaped like me.

I want to be scared to where I lose sleep and have to constantly look over my shoulder. This book is full of ghostly frights, but none of it even phased me. I think to normal people, they would lose their shit over this. To the average non-freak this would spook them like no other. 

Devin has been seeing things out the corner of his eye and most recently they have been appearing more often. Living in a small town, everyone knows your business. He can’t concentrate, loses sleep and kids at school delittle him for being the ghost boy. 

At work he can’t seem to hold it together. Going to strange realms in his mind and not paying attention to his surroundings. Seems like he might be going crazy. 

At a marsh party, a girl comes screaming out of the woods with her boyfriend talking about hearing loud bangs inside of the old Rousten Manor. 

The manor has been abonded for some time and kids sneak in their to get things done… (clears throat and straightens tie).

Devin and his two friends, Clive and Rex talk about seeing of they can see or hear what Jean was talking about.

At the house Devin is attacked by books or whatever else the ghost can thrown at him. Now it’s Devins turn to find out the truth.

Extremely adventurous and highly descriptive. Everything was laid out elegantly and you knew exactly what was going on. The ending had me a tad disappointed. Some of the characters were thrown in and disappeared. As some of the characters fully developed, others fell off and didn’t gain much of anything until the very end. 

What I noticed was everyone seemed to love vitamin water. Umm eww. Also, whats up with the use of last names? Everyone was know by their full names. We are on a first name basis people!

Not impressive to this weirdo here, but could be terrifying for others. 

Now stay off my lawn!!

2.5-3/5 ♡Stacy♡

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