The nerdy and the dirty by B.T. Gottfred

 This book is good to me, but a lot might not like it since book makes some sense but it doesn’t.  But starts out this nerdy guy (Benedict) wants to finally change and finally have a girlfriend a kiss all things guys should Atleast most to by 17. More so the first kiss and such.  The girl in the story pen for short or Penelope was a dork girl who turned popular from changing clothes to practically being silent and feels Soo fake with boy friend she just doesn’t care about at all, but stays just so she can stay popular. But thru some drama Ben and pen sorta meet up again since used to be friends. But both don’t meet up till both are forced to go this vacation club in middle of no where with there messed up family’s which would learn how. With bend dad being a famous author but no time for anyone since working on next book to pens verbal abusive mom and dad.  But to add reason I like this book is the guy is nerdy sorta like me and doesn’t know how to talk to women so I like those aspects since I have exact same issue. To pen which she might talk about sexual things a tad to much but the book is called the dirty for a reason so if can handle those things out together then might like the book. 4.5/ 5 stars 

       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>> Justin Turczak. 

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