The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love- Sarvenaz Tash

“But because they contained some seriously creative swearing, any Zinc fan over the age of ten had pored over them and possibly even incorporated some choice phrases into their vocabulary. I still use crusty unicorn balls on occasion.”
My nerd juices are tingling. Screaming your love for your best friend at Comic Con is giving all of us nerds life. I keep messing with my friend that he’ll find the one at Comic Con NY.
When you and the love of your life are a bunch of comic book writing nerds, what’s the best way to show everyone the spidery feeling of love? At NYCC that is.
Graham is totally head over heels in love with his next door neighbor, his comic book partner in crime and his best friend Roxana. They had one of the cutest beginnings to friendship. When Graham was moving in Roxy asks him what house would he be sorted into? And from there things just bloomed.
There favorite comic book creator Robert Zinc will be making a once in a lifetime appearance at CC and that’s when Graham will express his true feelings.
Plans are formed and all that needs to happen is for them both to be there. They slowly start to form into place. What seems to be the perfect situation goes from good to bad at the back of the line. They don’t get tickets to see Zinc and Roxy meets a guy during speed dating, crushing Graham’s soul into a fine dust.
“Damn it. Fine, he’s a perfect, beautiful, British nerd. I am totally screwed.”
Every plan Graham makes, someone or something gets stuck in his way. With his best friend Casey at his side, he tries it all and fails. Casey has other ideas with one of the smartest and prettiest girls at school Felicia. His mind is occupied.
The British invasion takes them to karaoke and he blows it all over a song. See kids, beer will make you do things that you can’t do otherwise and it’s pretty awesome. Oh, I mean… don’t drink…. Well, maybe just one. Don’t get caught…..
Graham does meet a girl right up his alley named Amelia and he kind of compares her to Roxy every step of the way.
Will Graham find true love at CC? Will Roxy return those nerd feelings? Or will another come in a sweep him up?
Beware of the boy with the British accent….
I loved this book. It was so cute and I found myself cheering for Graham. The characters were well planned out and you grow an instant connection. Can we talk about the titles for each chapter? It just adds that extra something to make it go over your expectations. Also, Graham stops a thief at CC with a quote from the Princess Bride. Umm, yes, please. Totally nerdy and absolutely adorable.
“Sometimes all we have is knowledge that something extraordinary exists in the Universe, even if we can’t be the ones to claim it. Sometimes that has to be enough.”

5/5 *Stacy*

Blood for blood by Ryan graudin 

Book: Blood for blood book 2  of wolf by wolf 

Author: Ryan graudin 

Publishing date: November 1st currently

 Publishing house: Little brown books for young readers

Got this book at ALA annual conference in orlando 

 This book if I can say in a few words is if you get book hang overs this is one. By far one of my most fav reads and I’m still in shock by this and what happened. But to say this book starts right off right where wolf by wolf ended. With yael had just shot hitler and saw it was a doppelgänger. So she was on the run and she knew she had not killed the real hitler. But what was done is done she really has no way to tell the resistance it wasn’t the real one.  With her escape who does she trust since there is no one she screwed Felix over by knocking him out, and making Luka look like a traitor will they escape themselves or be killed and tortured for info you gotta enter the flee to find out, some things I loved yael is always on the move usually I don’t like books like that but this works since always some action plus Ryan makes sure to go into great detail to what people are thinking while also trying to survive and more back story to our main mc’s. The one thing I didn’t like about this book wasn’t to particular at all. Book was fabulous since usually I add in one thing i liked and what I would change. But should get this book when it’s out since won’t be let down or burned in the concentration camps 

A Tragic Kind Of Wonderful- Eric Lindstrom

“I encourage her to sing to lift her spirits. Where the voice goes, the heart follows.”

Received at BEA Chicago 2016

Mental Illness is something the world deals with. We hear about this a lot more in cases of teens and how they react. It’s one thing to get help, but it’s another to actually want it.

Nope nope nope…. Went my brain half way through. But did I listen? No, I did not. Maybe my head is more than just a hat holder. I need to go and rethink it all now. 

Hamster is Hibernating 

Hummingbird is Asleep 

Hammerhead is Thrashing******

Hanniganimal is Crashed

Mel has bipolar disorder and deals with the constant struggles of everyday life. After the situation with her brother comes to its final drawl, she shuts down completely ignoring her only friends and family. She feels like she lost it all. 

The only thing in her life keeping her going is working at Silver Sands which is basically an retirement community. She finds salvation with these people and they seem to be the only people on the planet that can save her soul. 

That is until she locks eyes with a residents grandson and she can’t look away. She finds survival in him, but also pushes him away like everyone else. 

Friends find out the truth, her doctor helps her find strength for growth and David likes her even more. But why does she feel like shes falling downhill fast?

This book annoyed me on so many levels that I wanted her to fling herself off the bridge and forget that she even planned on getting better. As the pages moved forward, I kept thinking about what she might have done to her brother and my imagination ran so wild that I was giddy with excitement. And here it comes, and it’s coming and then I’m highly confused and disappointed. Ugh! Noooo!!! Thats not how I wanted this to go. I need difference in my life and off the wall settings. You’ll not find that here.

Put your faith in the lord dear readers.

2/5 *Stacy*

Biggie- Derek Sullivan 

ISBN: 978-0-8075-0727-8

“I learned that Friday that you didn’t need to be touched to get tagged.”

Received this at Bea Chicago 2016 and met the author. He signed my book and everything became alright with the world. 

Reading the last couple pages of this book and the main character picks up a book. I had to re-read it a few times before I see what is actually staring up at me from the pages. My favorite author Palahniuk and my favorite book Fight Club. Mother of all fucks, I’m in heaven. 

Henry is a high school junior, over six feet tall and over three hundred pounds. His nickname fits perfectly well, Biggie. It seems harsh, but is a hell of a nickname. 

All his life he’s been in love with Annabelle and she won’t give him the time of day. He eats and eats his misery away while gaining more weight. He doesn’t need real friends, he has plenty of online friends to occupy his time. So he stays quiet at school and at work. 

Everyday that he works, Annabelle comes in and buys a low carb energy drink and steals a candybar. All Henry wants in life is Annabelle to be his girlfriend and he breaks into her emails to read all about the real her.

With doctors appointments and the impending doom of his health. He decides to really focus on a diet to lose weight for Annabelle and to start following in the footsteps of his stepdad and play some baseball. He wants to be the best and that’s how hard he trains.

He makes friends with some of the baseball players in school and starts becoming one with the incrowd. But that can only get him so far. 

He practices and works harder with catching the eye of an out of town husky cutie. All he does is let her down with thoughts of a girl he will never have. 

Will Biggie overcome his fear and throw a perfect game and fall in love?

Reading this book you want nothing but the best to come to Henry. Everything he wants you want for him. You just want to scream over and over for him to keep his head up. What surprises me is that it didn’t end the way these books kind of end. It was a hapoy ending, but nothing ended up perfectly. Did he get the girl, did her throw a perfect game, did he make his family proud, and did he get everything he wanted? 

Can’t really say. 

Every single time someone said Biggie…I thought of Hypnotize by Biggie Smalls. 

” I put hoes in NY onto DKNY

Miami, D.C. prefer Versace

All Philly hoes, go with Moschino

Every cutie wit a booty bought a Coogi”

See you on the mound dear readers.

3/5 *Stacy*

The continent by Keira Drake

Book: the continent Author: Keira drake 

Publishing house: Harlequin Teen

Publishing date: January 3rd 2017

Sadly to say there is no cover yet sorry, so I had to improvise so look forward to it. But to say I absolutely absolutely loved this book. Starts off with a girl Vaela Sun her birthday is coming up her life is perfect her family is high in society, she just received apprentice to be a map maker. So for her birthday her parents get her a tix which has a years waiting list and hard to get but as we said family is high in society to pull some strings to get her a trip to the continent. You say what is the continent that makes it sooo special??? Well what it is pretty much big giant area of land where there is no government really since vaela’s people have signed a peace treaty that has Kelpt them safe of war and away from this giant land. Which no government there is a giant war that has lasted over 200 years that is constantly extremely bloody and fighting. So as Vaela is flying over the continent to vacation out house which everything is top notch. They see some of these gruesome battles and feel maybe this wasn’t as exciting everyone makes it out to be.  Skip a bit to point where finally few days there flying over safer regions away from fighting when there helu plane gets malfunction and crashes she is stuck on this war barren land set to fend for herself. I’ll leave discription up to there.  But wow is all I gotta say this book is fantastic. I describe it a bit of ivory and bone but add in war whole time and much more gruesome. Vaela slowly thru the book can see changes from way she acts  at start freaking out of surviving the crash which very weak since mind you she has done nothing e wry thing is done for her since servants to having defend herself and get food to survive. Also there are tribes but which one can you trust is the question? And this books makes you wonder what would you do if accident happened and you had survive on your own. Could you? For now I can say is proubly wouldn’t last a week but maybe I should take some insiders from the book hatchet. Sooo please as it gets closer please pre order it well worth the buy as it comes. 5/5 stars amazing amazing book ~~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World- Shannon & Dean Hale

“I never understood because what’s wrong with lemons to begin with? It’s like saying “if life gives you people, grind up their organs for a beverage.”.”
Received at BEA Chicago 2016
When I grow up I want to be a combination of Squirrel Girl and Nimona. Two of the baddest bitches on this planet. If only I were an adult with a kickass tail and a mohawk.
Story time kids… gather round now and scooch closer.
McCormick Place in Chicago. Standing in line waiting for a book and spot two people wearing squirrel crowns. Double take and Hale and Hale are wondering around. Holy shiitake. My regret in life is not stopping to get a picture. Life over!!
Doreen Green moves from California to New Jersey and leaves all her squirrely friends behind. She wakes up every morning preparing for the friendships she will make today and tsk tsk.. let’s not forget to hide that big bushy tail. Can we say bah bam!!
Hey, I’m Doreen! Wanna be friends? On the daily and shifty eyes meet her when she introduces herself.
Finally, she meets a squirrel named Tippey Toe and they become the bestest friends. She even ties a pink ribbon around her neck. Chk chk!
With galactic spiders on the loose, squirrels going missing, trying to find Thors phone number and fighting the evilness that is MM (Muffin Maker) 😉 all while trying to find her bffaeae. SG has a full plate. And nuts it is.
If you have read the first graphic novel then you might already know this story. It was great to get a little bit more information into the big move and finding people who don’t judge. I think everyone will fall in love with this nutrageous squirrel.
“He was indeed going downtown without a bus pass. He was going to pay, and nothing on sale. And no matter how gross it was, she was going to wipe the floor with that dirty bum. But most of all… she checked her pockets. She was, in fact, all out of nuts.”
Don’t forget your nuts Dear Readers!!

4/5 *Stacy*