A Madness So Discreet- Mindy McGinnis

“We both look upon things that no one should see and yet we do not flinch. I see the blood and think of the person it’s leaving while your mind is only on the one who spilled it. My thoughts are on the people and yours the puzzle.”
Borrowed an arc of this book from Kelly. Thanks, girl!
The beginning of this was dark and mysterious and you felt Graces world falling into the deepest parts of hell on earth. After the asylum, you are dragged through the mud and you feel boredom creep up behind you. Not at all what I imagined.
Grace Mae, daughter of Senator Mae has become pregnant by someone who couldn’t control himself and now she fears for her sister. And that’s the day she is sent to the asylum. Her secret needs to stay hidden. If anyone else finds out about this, her family is ruined forever. So, off she goes kicking and screaming all the way there.
Feeling her baby grow gives her hope for the future and even starts to make friends who look out for her and bebe. That is until Grace starts breaking the rules and gets placed where no one will ever look. The dark, dirty, smelly mud filled, basement.
She gets placed next to an old doctor named Falsteed who was accused of something horrible, but oh so scrumptious. His plan is to save Grace from this living hell. And he seeks the help of another Doctor.
Sneaking her out was the easiest part, but keeping her quiet is the hardest. Side by side, they become quite the crime solving pair. And Grace is now out for revenge after she learns that her father is running for President.
If I didn’t read Female Of The Species first, then this would have read better for me. I still liked some of the aspects of it, but it felt repeated. Mindy is one girl who likes to see her revenge.
I wasn’t shocked anymore with the thirst for blood and making someone pay for taking her innocence. If I were to start over, I would read this before meeting Alex and feeling her vengeful wrath.
And my dear readers, my favorite quote…..
“There are plenty who just call us bitches, dear.”
Sleep Tight Gentle Readers!

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