Ever the hunted by Erin summerill

How to describe this Inlijed the plot where it was going but for its fantasy aspects it was really extremely lacking where one scene that woukd expect Atleast 5-6 pages of fighting or the “power” that makes it fantasy but no at max near 2 pages…. Here is what the book is about 

Sorry just worked 7 straight days so really tired to write that up.  But another book since she is hunting the murder a lot of walking around which can be a hit or miss in this case it had parts I really enjoyed and other it didn’t since go 20-30 pages with not much happening then get to “action” scene and be 2 pages then back to wondering around. So if haven’t noticed books that are on the run or walking I get fed up quickly it’s like that in my other reviews. This book could of been better if when certain aspect came into play where her powers are stronger or did more interesting things than just ______ helped but there weren’t consequences when she did them. One thing that interesting I did like it has you wondering ok is this a love triangle, insta love to some sense since the person she is hunting is her sorta ex bf. But you gotta find out. So overall needs more fantasy aspects or fight scenes and would of given it a better rating. I’ll read book 2 just to see what goes on. This book is out by December 27th 2016 and for its hype I think it will not do so well I think caraval has a better chance to do better to its hype then this…. 3/5 stars. ~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

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