Kids Of Appetite- David Arnold

“I love it because it’s the only place where ugly and beautiful can mean the same thing. They cohabitate. And if it’s something shocking, something totally different, something people have never seen before all the better.”
Received an arc of this book from my Blogger partner JT. Thanks!!!
This was my first experience with David Arnold and I wasn’t that dazzled. Everyone seems to love this book and I breezed my way through it because I wanted to see what everyone else saw. It was okay for what it is, but I wouldn’t talk about this like it was a one in a million book.
Reading the synopsis will get you nowhere in figuring out what this is all about and what it leads to. For awhile, it didn’t say anything, so I went into this pretty blind.
Interrogation Room #1:
Victor Benucci the third lost his dad to cancer and it destroys his life. Finding out that your mother has a boyfriend and are about to get engaged just pushes it that much more. He storms out of the house, but not before taking the urn with his dads ashes.
Interrogation Room #2:
Madeline Falcon (Mads) lost both her parents and lives with her angry drunk uncle and her strong as an ox grandmother. Always doing the wrong thing in her uncles eyes, she walks the streets with fresh bruises.
Interrogation Room #3:
Vic is about to dump his dads ashes into the water near the submarines and that day will save his life and change it. That’s the day he meets Mads and she takes him to a place where she lives occasionally. They will help him if he needs it and he needs it.
Interrogation Room #4:
Baz, Zuz and Coco make up the other Kids Of Appetite and they agree to help Vic cross off his dads bucket list. Inside the urn is a picture and a note. His dad wants his ashes spread to five places and they all must come together and figure out the clues.
Answering these clues will bring new people together and bring his family closer in not forgetting his dad. Finding true love and loving what life has to offer.
It was a very interesting concept on how this book was written and I have never seen anything where each chapter starts with an interrogation into the days leading up to crossing off the farewell places and finding the killer to Mads uncle. Very unique.
It wasn’t what I was expecting as a whole. It didn’t flow together and make me feel for these characters and no personal connections of bonding were formed.
Doesn’t stop me from trying out Mosquitoland.
Never find yourself in jail, my dear readers.

3/5 *Stacy*

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