The secret of a heart note by Stacy lee

This book like most contempory is a small easy read which I just love. Where fantasy is always seems so more serious about things or espcially dystopian but that’s a given since somethings is controlled.  But to say I liked this book. Some things i liked is she (mim) is trying branch out than just be stuck in her routine of life as being florist of Cupid full time in taking the family buissness and living partially the life of teenager while it lasts. Her mom thinks she is crazy for wanting to go to school and doing teenage things since sayes she will waste her smell just like her sister has who fell in love since sayes there is a curse if the smeller falls in love she loses her big time sense of smell.  But premises of the story is mim is working on a elixir for her teacher to make for someone. When she goes to out the potion for said person she botches it and has to work to untangle the mess with the help of the school’s hot shot popular guy (court) so can mim do her job with out falling in love and losing her smell you gotta find out. 4.5/ 5 stars ~~~~ JUSTIN 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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