Survive The Night- Danielle Vega

I love when my husband and I read the same book and then we get to talk about it. We seemed to come up with a lot of details to comb over and pick apart. And do not get me started on that ending. Did it happen or was someone having serious withdrawals?
Casey gets out of rehab for her Oxy addiction. Since she had to have surgery on her leg and meets Shana while recovering. She never thought that taking Oxy could be fun, that is until Shana makes her life a little bit more fun and complicated.
Coming out of rehab and dealing with a breakup before entering that dreadful place with her musician and droopy haired boyfriend, her life couldn’t get any better.
She lost what she loved and all she wants to do is get her life back on track and maybe getting Sam to look at her again.
When her parents agree that it’s time for her to hang out with her old soccer buddies, she’s ready to move on and make her life easy as pie. But things go from good job to not this again when Shana and some other friends show up and take her away to a concert to see her Ex play.
Seeing him again brings back all those emotions and she makes it her mission to get him to talk to her. While waiting for the show to start, a guy grabs Casey and starts tugging her away and no one seems to notice. Well, this publicity stunt is over the top and if you guys want some real fun come and join Survive The Night. What are you afraid of? Chicken!!
They all decide to go into these dark deep tunnels of the strangest rave.
While there, games and booze flow freely. And Julie winds up tied to the wall and dead. Her guts spilling out of her body. Pop goes her eye and it hits the floor and everyone runs. This rave goes from fun to running for your life at a drop of an eye.
Tentacle monsters, withdrawal, and deceiving love makes this story one train ride from hell. Will you reach the surface? You better hope you do….
As I’m reading this Shana and Casey remind you so much of Brooklyn and Sofia in The Merciless. And this story follows in the same footsteps as the others. What is real and what is fantasy? I have so many questions and I can only assume what I think is happening. Shana didn’t lose her mind. I think withdrawal got the best of Casey and it destroyed everything around her. Her friends and the guy she loves.
You’ll just have to read this and make your own assumptions.
Good Luck and see you on the other side.

3.5/5 *Stacy*

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