The diabolic by sj Kincaid 

Title: the diabolic 

Author: SJ Kincaid 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster children’s publishing 

Release date: November 1st 2016. If you pre order it you can get some pre order swag Iv seen. 
Gotta say oh man the feels from this book. Thank god I don’t get book hangovers much unless a book is near 500+ pages. But this book oh man <3. Starts pretty much a girl at young age who is sidonia is placed to bond with a none human that is simular to humans. And is made for protection of there bonded person. So nemisis is bonded. Go 7ish years down the road and the king has made it law that all diabolic non humans which nemisis is to be put down. Sidonia and her family do not while not putting nemisis to death. Sidonia is asked to come to main city all because sidonia’ father is trying sorta not start a riot but has made a decision again the king. Sidonia’ family won’t let it happen so they train nemisis to replace Sidonia. That’s pretty much the back gives you of the book. The twists and turns towards the end I couldn’t figure out at all since think one thing then goes the next. By the way the books sayes compared to red queen and the hunger games is not close resembled at all be for warned. Some things I liked is the cover is gorgeous, and sj had a influence some what since she loves butterflies she even has a tattoo of one. Second you can’t ever guess the plot twists to this thing finally guessed what will happen but yup hell no. And as a character you slowly see nemisis as a person as what would her bonded partner would do to her own powers in thought grow more powerful. 

Only bad thing is there is so much death in this book but it’s laid out that oh ok someone died weather good or bad and just seemed no one cared at all. And all the murder that goes on and everyone is soooo accepting. Hard to explain but can see why.  But like said loved this book and will give you a book hangover and just don’t get to attached to someone since my see you sacrafise To the gods of this book. 5/5 stars. 

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