The continent by Keira Drake

Book: the continent Author: Keira drake 

Publishing house: Harlequin Teen

Publishing date: January 3rd 2017

Sadly to say there is no cover yet sorry, so I had to improvise so look forward to it. But to say I absolutely absolutely loved this book. Starts off with a girl Vaela Sun her birthday is coming up her life is perfect her family is high in society, she just received apprentice to be a map maker. So for her birthday her parents get her a tix which has a years waiting list and hard to get but as we said family is high in society to pull some strings to get her a trip to the continent. You say what is the continent that makes it sooo special??? Well what it is pretty much big giant area of land where there is no government really since vaela’s people have signed a peace treaty that has Kelpt them safe of war and away from this giant land. Which no government there is a giant war that has lasted over 200 years that is constantly extremely bloody and fighting. So as Vaela is flying over the continent to vacation out house which everything is top notch. They see some of these gruesome battles and feel maybe this wasn’t as exciting everyone makes it out to be.  Skip a bit to point where finally few days there flying over safer regions away from fighting when there helu plane gets malfunction and crashes she is stuck on this war barren land set to fend for herself. I’ll leave discription up to there.  But wow is all I gotta say this book is fantastic. I describe it a bit of ivory and bone but add in war whole time and much more gruesome. Vaela slowly thru the book can see changes from way she acts  at start freaking out of surviving the crash which very weak since mind you she has done nothing e wry thing is done for her since servants to having defend herself and get food to survive. Also there are tribes but which one can you trust is the question? And this books makes you wonder what would you do if accident happened and you had survive on your own. Could you? For now I can say is proubly wouldn’t last a week but maybe I should take some insiders from the book hatchet. Sooo please as it gets closer please pre order it well worth the buy as it comes. 5/5 stars amazing amazing book ~~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

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