A Tragic Kind Of Wonderful- Eric Lindstrom

“I encourage her to sing to lift her spirits. Where the voice goes, the heart follows.”

Received at BEA Chicago 2016

Mental Illness is something the world deals with. We hear about this a lot more in cases of teens and how they react. It’s one thing to get help, but it’s another to actually want it.

Nope nope nope…. Went my brain half way through. But did I listen? No, I did not. Maybe my head is more than just a hat holder. I need to go and rethink it all now. 

Hamster is Hibernating 

Hummingbird is Asleep 

Hammerhead is Thrashing******

Hanniganimal is Crashed

Mel has bipolar disorder and deals with the constant struggles of everyday life. After the situation with her brother comes to its final drawl, she shuts down completely ignoring her only friends and family. She feels like she lost it all. 

The only thing in her life keeping her going is working at Silver Sands which is basically an retirement community. She finds salvation with these people and they seem to be the only people on the planet that can save her soul. 

That is until she locks eyes with a residents grandson and she can’t look away. She finds survival in him, but also pushes him away like everyone else. 

Friends find out the truth, her doctor helps her find strength for growth and David likes her even more. But why does she feel like shes falling downhill fast?

This book annoyed me on so many levels that I wanted her to fling herself off the bridge and forget that she even planned on getting better. As the pages moved forward, I kept thinking about what she might have done to her brother and my imagination ran so wild that I was giddy with excitement. And here it comes, and it’s coming and then I’m highly confused and disappointed. Ugh! Noooo!!! Thats not how I wanted this to go. I need difference in my life and off the wall settings. You’ll not find that here.

Put your faith in the lord dear readers.

2/5 *Stacy*

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