Blood for blood by Ryan graudin 

Book: Blood for blood book 2  of wolf by wolf 

Author: Ryan graudin 

Publishing date: November 1st currently

 Publishing house: Little brown books for young readers

Got this book at ALA annual conference in orlando 

 This book if I can say in a few words is if you get book hang overs this is one. By far one of my most fav reads and I’m still in shock by this and what happened. But to say this book starts right off right where wolf by wolf ended. With yael had just shot hitler and saw it was a doppelgänger. So she was on the run and she knew she had not killed the real hitler. But what was done is done she really has no way to tell the resistance it wasn’t the real one.  With her escape who does she trust since there is no one she screwed Felix over by knocking him out, and making Luka look like a traitor will they escape themselves or be killed and tortured for info you gotta enter the flee to find out, some things I loved yael is always on the move usually I don’t like books like that but this works since always some action plus Ryan makes sure to go into great detail to what people are thinking while also trying to survive and more back story to our main mc’s. The one thing I didn’t like about this book wasn’t to particular at all. Book was fabulous since usually I add in one thing i liked and what I would change. But should get this book when it’s out since won’t be let down or burned in the concentration camps 

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