The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love- Sarvenaz Tash

“But because they contained some seriously creative swearing, any Zinc fan over the age of ten had pored over them and possibly even incorporated some choice phrases into their vocabulary. I still use crusty unicorn balls on occasion.”
My nerd juices are tingling. Screaming your love for your best friend at Comic Con is giving all of us nerds life. I keep messing with my friend that he’ll find the one at Comic Con NY.
When you and the love of your life are a bunch of comic book writing nerds, what’s the best way to show everyone the spidery feeling of love? At NYCC that is.
Graham is totally head over heels in love with his next door neighbor, his comic book partner in crime and his best friend Roxana. They had one of the cutest beginnings to friendship. When Graham was moving in Roxy asks him what house would he be sorted into? And from there things just bloomed.
There favorite comic book creator Robert Zinc will be making a once in a lifetime appearance at CC and that’s when Graham will express his true feelings.
Plans are formed and all that needs to happen is for them both to be there. They slowly start to form into place. What seems to be the perfect situation goes from good to bad at the back of the line. They don’t get tickets to see Zinc and Roxy meets a guy during speed dating, crushing Graham’s soul into a fine dust.
“Damn it. Fine, he’s a perfect, beautiful, British nerd. I am totally screwed.”
Every plan Graham makes, someone or something gets stuck in his way. With his best friend Casey at his side, he tries it all and fails. Casey has other ideas with one of the smartest and prettiest girls at school Felicia. His mind is occupied.
The British invasion takes them to karaoke and he blows it all over a song. See kids, beer will make you do things that you can’t do otherwise and it’s pretty awesome. Oh, I mean… don’t drink…. Well, maybe just one. Don’t get caught…..
Graham does meet a girl right up his alley named Amelia and he kind of compares her to Roxy every step of the way.
Will Graham find true love at CC? Will Roxy return those nerd feelings? Or will another come in a sweep him up?
Beware of the boy with the British accent….
I loved this book. It was so cute and I found myself cheering for Graham. The characters were well planned out and you grow an instant connection. Can we talk about the titles for each chapter? It just adds that extra something to make it go over your expectations. Also, Graham stops a thief at CC with a quote from the Princess Bride. Umm, yes, please. Totally nerdy and absolutely adorable.
“Sometimes all we have is knowledge that something extraordinary exists in the Universe, even if we can’t be the ones to claim it. Sometimes that has to be enough.”

5/5 *Stacy*

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