Leigh bardugo at the strand New York City 8-26-16

Well this day Atleast was good and no crazy road accidents unlike when went to Boston and no I was not in one. But usually day for NYC signings leave at 9 am and usually when done driving and bus I’m at the signing near 12:30-1 pending what I do before hand.  But much time to kill I sorta just spyed how event would run since never been before so everyone who worked as well knew I’d be near the very front. Finally near 2 my book friend Danielle from bookcon app showed up and chilled and talked stopped had coffee at place next door forget name I seriously wanted fruit protein blend with coffee but was almost 9 bucks!!! That’s out rageous but it’s NYC. So went with chai tea. Finally back in line sadly few others showed but there nice since know them already 1 being Brit book rambles she host the thing on Twitter. Other 2 is sister and sisters friend. So not end of world, then more and more people lined up saw few other friends wether at signings or thru the bookcon app. Finally at 6:15 let us in I get my front row spot. Not much longer finally Leigh with Jesse the reader showed up. If don’t know Jesse the reader is big YouTube star. So the q&a which was funny since it was 99% so what would your six of crows characters do. One was what song from Hamilton would your character sing. If want to see videos I did join the Facebook group owlcrate society that’s where there posted. Then was to signing I was #6 so got every signed and got as a card I think his name was kas but not sure. Tried leaving and running to books of wonder for Sarah porter and stalking Jack the ripper author but sadly didn’t make it on time.  So was 8:30 had choice go home or go back chill with friends. I ended up going back and saw Stella, Kat and rivka, and zuzu all bookcon app. And some friends saw at passed signing but there ig is like drowingintherandomfeels or simular and there nice and live out by me so hoping I can make some close book friends to chill and talk books. But besides that I headed back home extremely pooped since was near 11:30 when left for my house and got home at 1am. 

The Continent- Keira Drake

“You must reserve your pain for quiet moments. You must not let it soften you, but rather you must become sharpened by its edges, made stronger by its grip. When it claws at your heart, you must roar back. This is not a place for softness.”
If that quote doesn’t reach inside of you and squeeze your soul then you are in deep trouble.
Borrowed an arc from JT!! He received it at ALA Orlando!! Thanks!!
I didn’t know what I was getting myself into with this one. The hype for this is overwhelming and I just thought… well, here it goes. (eye roll) And then this book hits you like bricks being thrown off a roof and you’re mesmerized by the beauty and knowledge that were put into making this book. Blows you away.
Spire! The little land beyond the Continent. All the sides come together for peace and unity. No blood has been shed for quite some time and this is how it shall stay.
Vaela Sun is turning sixteen and her Mum and Pop throw her a magnificent party to celebrate. Opening gifts, her father is overly filled with joy. Three gifts are brought to her one by one and they are more breathtaking and gorgeous than the last. The last one is small and feels like it contains nothing but air. She gets the shock of her life when she opens the box and out comes tickets to tour The Continent.
Let’s side note here for a bit…. These tickets are harder to come by than Jesus coming back to earth and moon walking into outer space.
Her family and the Shaws are off on their own adventure into The Continent.
Picture this as you’re in a helicopter arriving into Jurassic Park.
Imagine the choppy cool air and the theme to match. Da da da da da da da! Da da da da!!
This book is powerful! Sitting on the edge on your seat, biting your fingernails and shivering at the coldness that is the Continent.
It will amaze you at how this will leave you begging for book two. I can’t wait to take this journey again!!
This will be one of the top books of 2017. Hold on to your britches!!


Boston teen book festival in Cambridge MA

So the festival was Saturday September 24th in Cambridge mass from 9am-5 pm. Here was the author line up but was 35 authors Author list.  But my day starts are day before slightly with had work till 10 pm on Friday so get home to sleep since early start to make it to Boston. Got little sleep like 3 hours or so, finally 3am get ready had suitcase if books in car so wouldn’t forget and hit the road. Gas energy drinks and snacks and finally 3:30. On the way was smooth sailing minus on nj garden state parkway must of just happened but a trucker was flipped on its side gushing gasoline and debris all over luckily I was in fast lane so didn’t collide but one car was smashed in it. I did stop but as was getting out cops were showing up. Mind you this is second time something similar has happened. When going to Rochester teen book festival same thing happened but on mountain roads and fog was so bad didn’t see the road for yellow lines almost no lie. So back on the road mad at GPS sent me thru NYC to get to cross something highway….. Hate NYC driving and top it once in Connecticut the road is twisty and bending up and down hills 2 lanes highway so was not liking that. Besides that smooth sailing with edm music and country music off of Spotify shuffle <3. Get to book fest at 7:45. Try park at library won’t open garage up till 9 am so I’m like I’ll try go finding street parking since city you know some where will be with out meters.  The suspense is proubly killing you right.   Still waiting waiting ;)…,, waiting…. And waiting.,,, yea scree that I hate this city with a passion!!’ There is no normal parking spots or garage to park at, rest is permit parking only and it’s whole city and sucks since I found sooo many streets with free parking but book it’s permit only. Rest of wasnt permit was 30,1 hour or 2 hour parking only. So I tried for hour.. (One hour later) in spongebob narrator voice. Get back to library fuming mad I wait till garage opens. There it’s same bs 2 hours only but can stay same spot. So every 2 hours or less gotta add time. So head towards where entrance will be and met up with some of my friends I see all the time at NYC festivals and on the bookcon app, plus talked with 3 others from owlcrate society which is a Facebook group based off of owlcrate. 

In back ground behind us can see some of the authors. But this panel for start was all the authors and a few facts of book and did some loopy questions like who would your mc of your book be best friends with in book or tv show. Which was fun. Now off to morning panels oh wait you forgot gotta go add the meters… Run to that then run to my panel who run the world (flawed) girls. 

That was interesting learned some new aspects on how making a flawed character than strong and such.  After that I still had hour on meter I said I’ll take my chance and let it run late so I can make front row to my next panal. Called magic beyond the grave.

I got to say this panel was sooo freaking hilarious thanks to on part with Daniel Jose older and zoraida Cordova helped and roshani. But talked about mildly how family portrayed into there books and part of Spanish culture they were saying Latina, roshani was quiet mostly but she was great for bursting into turns like almost crying from laughter so that was great. And chemistry they have is amazing this panel was more friends chilling about having drinks if there were any. To also say was nice seeing zoraida again since I see her so much at NYC signings like I mean a lot at this time was near 5 times maybe in passed 4 weeks. Ps I saw her again at Leigh bardugo shows how much I do. So sorry my blog is dragging on in the type who will say everything that happened X). But run ti run hope now tix for 15 mins late. There wasn’t so back up decided to skip afternoon panels so got lunch which this year btbf was nice enough get a us a food truck since they don’t serve food. Ended up being all natural foods  so I went with a taco sunny side up egg with pesto it was good till end when was just pesto and the garlic just over welms you. But waiting in line saw some people I know from other festivals. But who comes up is all the same authors from the panel plus other mingled authors thru court yard. But was roshani, zoraida, Marie Rotski who I see mill times as well in NYC, Dan Jose older, Cindy pon, Amanda foody who just came to be at the festival and her book comes out in 2017. So talking with all of them roshani comes over was like hello hi with hand to shake she was like I saw you video taping is it for YouTube I’m like no it’s owlcrate society on Facebook I said for people can’t make to signings or around the world. So if missed it can join there and watch it. But Iv heard roshani is amazing but dam she is really nice for being a popular author. So chilled with all of them while we all waited for food. Gave small guess hair piece with a day of dead skull since zoraida seems to like that theme. Finally food was done and just went to where author signings would be skipping panels but before you know what had to do meters again!!…. Most annoying thing ever… But was last time got in line I was #1 to it so sat hour till let us in made a few friends there to chat. But went to roshani first she was with Victoria schwabb since there line was going to be insane and made special area for them. Off to Nicola yoon get her next book signed which comes out in October. Then rest of authors I met almost all of them was so much fun. I’m horriable with names but one author said oh my are you and person next to you dating. *blushing* were like no a girl and I since we were both wearing owlcrate’s August’s necklace of elanor and park. But made for funny time. But yea did them all and finally go home 4:45 for a 5 hour drive. Same thing edm blasting country music way. And glad to get home since only got 3 hours sleep. 

Sorry if I dragged on but hope you liked this post on the event and hope see any of you at signings or conventions. 

Questionable Children’s Books

A friend sent me an amazing article from buzzfeed. After reading it, I was on the hunt for these books from the library. I could only find 4/15, but I was shocked that I could find any. Maybe your search will be better.

Questionable Books For Adult Children

Who Care About Elderly People? By Child’s Play

I’m reading this for all the right reasons. Okay, maybe not what you think is right. In my mind the weirder the better.

Here we have a book teaching kids about older people. How just because they aren’t spring chickens doesn’t mean that they can’t cut a rug or do the robot.

They might need help at things that you can do. Assistance is just a hop, skip and a broken hip away.


The Muffin Muncher By Stephen Cosgrove

Woooo!! They don’t title books like this anymore. 

We all knew that dragons are a bunch of d-bags. Gimme Gimme Gimme… I need some more. None for you nasty dragon!

In a poor village lives a poor King who is also the poor master baker. Hush! I said baker! 

Everyday he travels to deliver tasty muffins to get money to survive. One day, a mean old fat hungry dragon is of course a muffin hoover. Moves underneath a drawbridge and makes his demand. 

Gimme ten muffins and I won’t burn down this bridge!!! Har har har!!

Who invited this fat putz along? 

Lets hope that the king just burns the top off this muffin man!


My Big Sister Takes Drugs By Judith Vigna

“She chose to take crack from her friends, and now she can’t stop.”

This was the perfect red pill crack book. That Tina meets the wrong crowd of people and hangs out at the park. There are only one type of people who hang out at the park and red crack people are it. 

The words they use to describe her addiction are just over the top hilarious. 

I now need to own this for my collection!

Junkies will always ruin the barbeque and roll around in the grass.


The Night Dad Went To Jail By Melissa Higgins

The title was the best thing about this book. What a way to want to commit a crime.

Sometimes rabbits do horrible things and have to pay the ultimate price. 

Hip hop your way to jail, dummy!


Great night of reading at my house tonight!!

New Author Spotlight Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We wanted to try something new and different for our blog and decided to go with New Author Spotlight.

What we aim to do is tell you guys about a new author that you might or might not have heard of. Maybe we can help find readers their new favorite author.

Our first ever author is…..

Drum Roll Please……

Jessica Cluess!!!


On Tuesday her book a Shadow Bright And Burning was released. We had the privilege of reading this book before it hit the shelves and this is the next new fandom in our opinion. We fell in love with this book from page one and we hope you do too.

GoodReads <—— Add it to your TBR!!

A little synopsis: Enjoy!

I am Henrietta Howel. The first female sorcerer. The prophesied one. Or am I?

Henrietta Howel can burst into flames. When she is brought to London to train with Her Majesty’s sorcerers, she meets her fellow sorcerer trainees, young men eager to test her powers and her heart. One will challenge her. One will fight for her. One will betray her. As Henrietta discovers the secrets hiding behind the glamour of sorcerer life, she begins to doubt that she’s the true prophesied one. With a battle looming, how much will she risk to save the city–and the one she loves?

Justin’s Review

Stacy’s Review


More Than This- Patrick Ness

“Real life is only ever just real life. What it means depends on how you look at it. The only thing you’ve got to do is find a way to live there.”

Why? Patrick Ness! Why? You do this to me every time and now I’m left rattled and broken. You amaze me like no one else. Who knew that death could be so beautiful and charming…

Just start walking until you reach the ocean, take off your shoes and socks, dreams of a better life, close your eyes and walk right into the depths of forgiving love. You’re drowning, you try to save yourself and when you believe hope is on your side the waves overtake you and white light becomes the end. Seth is gone, drowned and he’s not coming back. That is until he wakes up and is back home in the house he grew up in. The strangest thing is that he is all alone.
Or so he thinks….

Every time Seth closes his eyes to sleep or blink, he gets a vision. A memory that is so vivid and shocking, that he can never tell if it just happened or if it’s a memory. All of these things cause him distress. His friends crying, his little brothers disorder that he must get treatments for, and a secret that his Mum refuses to accept. What’s the real truth?
While out, he comes across two other people and a guy in a dark demented van. Screaming to get his attention, two kids pop out and save him. What he learns about the mystery guy is terrifying and it’s best if you try to escape him.
This entire time, we aren’t sure what the truth really is, but it’s out there.
Little by little, Seth pieces most of the puzzle together and the answers are stranger than what you can imagine.
When Seth hit his head on rocks in the ocean, I thought maybe someone had found him and tried saving his life. Maybe this world that he believes is real, is actually a place where you go while in a coma. Not quite alive, but sure as hell not dead yet. To a new world to try to come back. And I was sure as hell all wrong. This book will shock you and mess with your inner being. Will make you second guess every decision and make you wonder if this world is actually real or not.
The character development is superb. When each and every one of the characters back-stories arisen, it gets you in the most tenderest of spots.
The end will leave people angry, but for this type of book… it was perfect. You must look inside and be one with the world. Love who you are and don’t look back.




Barnes & Noble


The book details are amazing. But all that ever happens is Oliver sayes something and Alice is like why why why, yes I did that as a kid. But it’s getting on my nerves and everything is hardly explained and Alice is either I hate you or I think I like Oliver (as a friend) and to go back to why’s she’ll ask Oliver sayes don’t do it but will Alice do is go thru with it. Like Oliver will say don’t touch that door what will Alice do go and open it. Then both gotta run for there lives. 

But yea like said I did not like this and only read it for book club we have on the bookcon app. If any interest in it join the bookcon app and last Sunday of the month at 8 we discuss it