Beautiful Stranger- Christina Lauren

“I was convinced that being ripped in two by him would be the best pleasure I’d ever known.”

I think that the story of Max and Sara is more connected to me more than Chloe and Bennett. When I met my now husband almost nine years ago we just got out of horrible relationships and definitely wasn’t looking for anything serious. Sometimes the universe has other plans. Not that long of just talking to each other (clears throat) love didn’t become a stranger here. And now we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. You never know when something this pure will pop up into your life. In my opinion, it was well worth the late.

Sara is picking up her life and moving to New York to work for Chole at RMG. Leaving the man she thought loved her for six years and not looking for any kind of relationship. Her ex being part of the public eye due to the fact that he is running for office doesn’t make him any less shy from cheating on her. Rumors being in the papers and every where she looked, she decided to stick it out and not believe it. Until one cheating rumor too many destroyed her and she needed tk get away from that.

New York was her start. 

And what she needed was a celebration with her girlfriends. What better way to blow some steam then to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Chole and Bennett. While at the bar and tall, very sexy and british stranger catches her eye and they hook up where people can catch them. This is where she meets millionaire playboy Max Stella. 

And who knew that they would be closer than they thought. Let the games begin.

They come into an agreement where they hookup some place in the open for uncommitted sex. 

Can Sara look past her baggage and have fun? Can she tame this so called man whore into her future love? Or is she setting herself up for diaster?

This one was so much better than the first one. Not because it makes me think of the beginning of my own relationship. I believe that the writing got better and they felt more connected. 

And let’s not forget that they made a Fight Club reference… these girls are trying to steal my heart.

“Nothing leaves this room,  I promise. The first rule of fight club?”

This gives a lot of hope for the rest of the series.

4/5 ♡Stacy♡

Sidenote: Picture is not mine, I borrowed it from Tumblr. Thanks mysterious stranger. 

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