Tiny pretty things

This book is exactly how you think it is. Prestigious school everyone wanting to be on top. Even if it has drastic costs. But story is starts at a Bailey school sorry to all if misspelt that which i think i did but it’s 1:30 am and tired so going to bed after this. But starts there waiting for the play list to the nutcracker and who has biggest roles. Follows three people. Gigi, brette & June. Gigi is so sweet and kind but finds it crazy can’t find any friends at all plus is from California and only black girl in the school so knows big time diversity. Brette is a legacy being shadowed by her sister who was one of the best and will be anything on top to keep that legacy. And June is Korean her story as well the top but as learn story she is biggest who trying to stay healthy since this book deals with everything that happens in these schools with binging, not eating at all, all to stay skinny and is major major issue In our world greatly today. Some things I like is just how kind Gigi is given how much drama is in this book and shows how strong hearted she in emotional sense. I’m ending this early but one thing disliked big time is sorta leaves you hanging on some of the drama then ending it. So makes you think…. So if like things of dance with prestigious school with some added drama this is your book and goes very big time into details on movement given one author was a bailareinist for quiet some time and some experiences are her own. 4/5 stars and I will come back to read shiny broken pieces 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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