Tales Of The Peculiar- Ransom Riggs

“Again! Another! Again! Again! Loop-the loop to double its skin!”

Welcome back Peculiars. As a warning, if you are not a peculiar, you must stop reading and go. We don’t have time for the weak minded. Good? Good!

Received a chapter sampler at BEA Chicago and met Riggs. Reading that sampler left you clawing and crying for more. 

Once I got my hands on this, the world righted itself on its axis and all my worldy problems disappeared. 

Here is a collection of ten short peculiar stories. Some of these you might already to acquainted with. But it gives more depth into the stories that you have already fallen in love with. 

Each tale is paired with an illustration to get the tale going. Simply beautiful and I needed more of those. Maybe they’ll be another book just with peculiar illustrations… (wink) Get on it!!

These tales begin on a hungry note and leave on a sad one. But none that will leave you down in the dumps angry. 

The main concern for people will be, do I have to read the Peregrines series to enjoy this? And the answer is no. 

These are a great way to get started into the series, but you don’t have to read the series to appreciate the strangeness. 

I will say, reading these stories after the Peregrines books will make your head spin. It gives so much more insight into a world you didn’t want to leave. 

Word of advice, make sure you read everything and I mean everything. There might be some useful information that could save your life and your book.

Be warned Dear Readers!


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