Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization- Marv Wolfman

If you’re not Dr. Harleen, then who are you? She looked up at the Joker and grinned. I’m Harley Quinn, she said. You’re my puddin’. Joker moved in and kissed her hard on the lips while she began gnawing on his. When they came up for air, she added, you’re my Mister J.
My main goal in life was to find a soulmate who will love me like the Joker does Harley. Do anything for her, even murder and I’m glad to say… Bang!!! Ha ha hahaha!!


I’m really not sure that this is going to be a review or me just gushing over the made love you see between two beautiful evil people.
On another note, I must be the only person on the planet who has not seen the new movie yet. I read the comic book and currently finished the novelization of the movie, but this weirdo still hasn’t seen any scenes of the new movie. People love it and then a lot hate it. What’s a sad girl to do?
From what I hear, the deleted scenes are in full detail into this book. I’m not sure which ones they were, but I’m sure they are quite disappointing.
What I really enjoyed about the book was the Harley & Joker situations- madness enjoys madness company, Croc getting some and the hate that pours off of these incredible monsters.
Some of these scenes are way obvious and I laughed at some points.
At times I felt that this was some kind of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and he kicks all the doors down… screaming “Come with me if you want to live” Bam!! Come with me if you want to live!! Bam! and on it goes.
Of course, they all agree, come on! Chip in the neck makes them do whatever you command.
also, I felt that most of these scenes would have been better actually viewing them on the screen and not with words on pages. You know, this magical thing they call picture shows.

3/5 *Stacy*

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