Shatter me by tahereh mafi

This book is about a girl (Juliette) who lives in asylum because if she touches anyone she can kill them.  So she hasn’t talked with anyone for near 265 days and has been in there for now almost three years. Then one day they (people who run the asylum) put a guy in her cell. Can she trust him??? Soon after guards come for her to find out she can either die or become part of the government to torture people with her gift. 

That’s details of the book, personally I felt this book was very bland but I knew that going in since this series is finished. So aspects I did like is the dystopian aspect since it’s a genra I have came to love. This world is built there is barely any food given the atmosphere has lost alot of layers so the weather becomes very deadly and so a new government forms slightly built out of fear. Also what you’ll learn about this book that is intriguing is how poetic at times tahereh could be with her writing, plus tidbits can take she is mumbling  or thinking in her head is she have a word written down but it’s crossed out with and another word next to it I found that cool. Only few books simular I know is illumanae. 

Some con’s: this book as said is very boring first 50 still stuck in aslyum no idea what is going to happen with her and saying I’m insane and I’m not insane. Finally get out and it’s still repeating but to who can she trust because keeps being told a question and that repeats to no end. The guy who runs the asylum and head poncho guy seems more insane than Juliette. Finally after getting to near 240ish finally get that real dystopian aspect with guns blazing and your going to die to what I like. And leaves you in spot 2 finally say I like where book 2 is going and Atleast say Atleast this book wasn’t a total dud. So one day I will rent from the library book 2 since everyone sayes the book gets soooo good. 

3.5/ mildly 4 star (can’t decide since I liked some parts) ~~~~~~~ JUSTIN 

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