Pushing Perfect- Michelle Falkoff

Received an arc copy from my blogging partner JT. He received it at ALA Orlando 2016. Thanks.

I know, shocking. No favorite quote this time. There wasn’t a single line from this book that actually sank into me. 

This contained a lot of my favorite book scenarios. Blackmail, forbidden romance, intrigue and drugs, but this fell faster than a whore getting paid. 

Kara is the perfect little angel, gets what she wants, has amazing supportive friends and her grades are outstanding. The only thing standing in her way of getting into a great college is panic attacks. When life gets the better of her, her panic starts to rise. She lies to her friends, hides her real self and does some very questionable things. And before it’s too late, she loses the only friends she has ever had and starts sitting with the nerds. 

Alex, a girl that grew up with Kara invites her to hang out and new friends are formed. They start hanging out more and partying. Kara fills Alex in on her panic attacks and the looming SAT that keeps eating away at her soul. Alex introduces her to the world of prescription drugs. Oooh Goody gumdrops! Novalert will help her focus and get her mind in a most serene place. This makes adderall and xanax look like childs play. 

After taking her first taste, they arrive at a party and she lays eyes on the most breathtaking male. Raj is not only easy on the eyes, hes got an accent to boost. 

Kara needs a few more pills to take her life altering test and Raj is just the man to see.

Karas life slowly spins out of control and blackmail is keeping her down. What she doesn’t realize is how many other people are affected by this as well. And the worst is yet to come and haunt her. 

Will little miss perfect be able to keep her little miss innocent reputation?

I really should have known better than to read this book. What clued me off was it being compared to We Were Liars and boy! Oh! boy! what a pile of dreadfulness that was. 

This book really could have ended fifty pages before it actually did. And that ending was not even remotely believable. If they want us to believe that then I guess I’m having lunch with Big Foot and Tinkerbell tomorrow. Come on!! 

What started off so promising, ended up being a million miles away. You should have stuck with addiction. 

Xanny bars anyone?


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Official Release date: October 25, 2016

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