Walk on earth a stranger by Rae Carson 

Title: walk the earth a stranger

Author: Rae Carson 

Publishing house: greenwillow books

Publishing date: September 22, 2015 

This book was a most interesting read, and one I wouldn’t read much. But starts out Leah westford (lee) is living for her mom and dad and she does most of guys work since her dad is sick, one day out hunting she gets a wiff of gold since she is like magical gold hunting witch. Not really described besides that. But it helps her family so one day coming back from school she hears 2 gun shots, rushed back to find her dad and mom murdered. All of sudden her uncle who is rich as can be suddenly shows up and since last of kin has full right to the house and everything including lee. Back when this day in age women were seen as property and there were still slaves. Her uncle is evil as all get out. So she gets as much cash and runs away for gold rush just like her best friend had days before she left that’s where this story truely begins. So to say parts of this story i like since its old western gold rush book. So these travels you can see how things were run back way when, how groups make the trek together. What gold will do to both kind hearted people and bad who you will learn the way. 

The world building Rae uses is amazing so much detail to how the terraine is like the mountain passes, the rivers big time. It’s makes you truely wonder what they were seeing. To the likes of how women were differently treated like they are property than a actual women. Like example a man can only do manly things like hunt fish things like that if women do that seen as rude and impolite ect ect. 

Some aspects wished were used more was lee searching for gold then the whole trek west but I know i will get hopefully in book 2.  Since besides that book lacked interesting things just seemed repeating the world building and the trek west but no true big gun fights or things Atleast make it interesting only trek west and the suffering. 

So overall it’s interesting book if like what would feel like making the trip west for the gold rush and the conditions if can’t handle that though this book isn’t for you. Oh forgot to add there isn’t  much of romance really just was fiddled around with a tad but it’s not in this book. My rating 4/5 stars for its world building mostly. ~~~~ JUSTIN 

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