Lemon Sting- Collin Henderson

☆☆​New Author Spotlight☆☆

“You’re on your way Lee. 

He was sure he was, he was sure he was on his way to Nurse Ratched’s wet dream.”

Received an ebook from the author for a totally honest rad review!! 

This book will blow your mind… literally. Pow! Pow! Pow! 

Magaret… or shall we call her Lizzy is carrying a huge secret around with her. She escaped a life of crime and moved on with her life while looking over her shoulder. Got a job at a restaurant and moved into a crummy apartment to try to live a normal life. 

Her next door neighbor, Lee is a typical boring joe schmo. Works at a electronics store and pays all the hospital bills for mom. He’s one of those people who fights violence with pleasant words and will roll into a ball if your so much as look at him the wrong way.

One night, Margaret stumbles upon Lee’s door and seeks shelter. She’s lost her key, doesn’t know what has happened and needs a safe place to crash. 

Upon waking up the next morning, Margaret gets some strange texts that send her heart into overdrive. She has been found and now she must fight back. And now Lee is soon to be a hero and does some very questionable things to help out his crush.

Will these men find what is rightfully theirs? Will Lee be the badass he hopes to be? 

There really has to be more to this story. This can’t be the end. Margaret and Lee need another attachment or a complete backstory of Lizzy and her dangerous life of crime. 

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to compare this to something and I can’t. It’s fresh and new that it will leave you dying for more of whatever he wants to supply you with. 

Seriously, download this book now!! You will not regret this!!




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