Escape From Witchwood Hollow- Jordan Elizabeth


Was sent an ebook for an honest review. 

The synopsis of this was so different and right up my alley. So I jumped at the chance to read this. What started off as a fantastic story between three different time periods, ended up confusing and I felt that the passion was drained out. 

Honoria and her brother move to Arnn, N.Y. after the September 11th attacks and move in with their Aunt and Uncle. Their parents were working in the towers that day and they haven’t heard a word about them since. They even haven’t found the bodies and the Aunt and Uncle thought it would be better for them to up and move to a better location to put all of their worries behind them. 

On Honoria’s first day of school, she hears all about the legend of the Witchwood Hollow. Kids seem to go far enough into that wooded area and they never come out. Trying to be brave and impress her “new” friends, they all agree to meet later that day and check it out.

Honoria and the girls make it to the edge of the forest and she is the only one to go in. Just far enough to where she hears a voice, a voice that begs her to come closer… just a tad bit closer… a little bit closer and as she makes her way through the haunted wooded area….. she comes out right behind her house. Leaving her friends at the edge wondering if she will be lost forever.

That’s when the nightmares overtake her sleep. Dreaming of her parents and other things that make her lose sleep at night. 

Now let us travel back to a time where all they really talk about is a too tight corset and lets not forget those fabulous petticoats. A witch is hunted down and another is lost in the woods trying to find her dads farm. 

All this back and forth stuff is making my head spin.

Leon and Honoria team up to take down the dreaded witch of the woods. She’s kind of like the Lady Of The Lake, but not as cool.

I have to be honest, I had 40 pages left and I couldn’t even finish it. I skimmed the last few pages and surprise surprise… there’s a well, someone gets trapped, an ancient boy haunts, new love forms and lost wood relations. Ugh, gag me!

At first, this was really interesting and as pages and pages went on I found myself confused and lost in another world. The characters from the past seemed very out of place and not very likeable.

I think having the book go from the past to an even further past and then all the way to 2001 hurt this book. If we just stuck with 2001 and fully developed Honoria’s story then this would have been fantastic. And made the past scenes a novella or an entirely different book. Towards the end, she seemed to lose her steam and that’s when it lost me. 

I would give a try to some of her other books and I hope to see her writing grow.


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