Cloudwish by Fiona wood

This book was half and half book. The reason half and half was this book was a contempory but felt they really put it on the background and more did more of the story in diversity part. But I’ll come back to that but this is about 

Sorry to tired to type it out. But back to what I was saying the diversity part seemed main point of story. Van oc Pham who in my head I just named her oc is Vietnamese as her family she is first generation born in Australia while her family fled Vietnam to have better life for her. What the family want is of course extremely stereotypical Asian family is her become a docter or lawyer and must get A+’s. If she gets a A- it’s a fail. So she has barely any friends no social life. In my honest oppion a living hell since I would never let this happen to me.  Thru the story though you get to see all the darnedest things to get her freedom. Plus as book goes on you see events as a family as to why there so strict. But now to romance part this contempory was odd given thru whole book trying figure if the guy in the picture mr hot shot billy whose most popular guy is into her really, only likes her because the wish that oc doesn’t believe in actually made him like her or  he is there just waiting to make the worst long term joke con like orginal intentions in example not another teen movie, I know that’s comedy version but I like it better than orginal.  One reason has you guessing he because the guy is 90% a complete tool who for awhile picked on oc in school and even towards end of the book he is still dang arrogant jock.  To end this I felt ending could of more diffrent than how Fiona left it with wonder with a what if felt could changed it up and added more details as to what happened. Overall for contemporary not worth it but if want a book for diversity this book is for you. 3.5/ 5 stars 

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