More Than This- Patrick Ness

“Real life is only ever just real life. What it means depends on how you look at it. The only thing you’ve got to do is find a way to live there.”

Why? Patrick Ness! Why? You do this to me every time and now I’m left rattled and broken. You amaze me like no one else. Who knew that death could be so beautiful and charming…

Just start walking until you reach the ocean, take off your shoes and socks, dreams of a better life, close your eyes and walk right into the depths of forgiving love. You’re drowning, you try to save yourself and when you believe hope is on your side the waves overtake you and white light becomes the end. Seth is gone, drowned and he’s not coming back. That is until he wakes up and is back home in the house he grew up in. The strangest thing is that he is all alone.
Or so he thinks….

Every time Seth closes his eyes to sleep or blink, he gets a vision. A memory that is so vivid and shocking, that he can never tell if it just happened or if it’s a memory. All of these things cause him distress. His friends crying, his little brothers disorder that he must get treatments for, and a secret that his Mum refuses to accept. What’s the real truth?
While out, he comes across two other people and a guy in a dark demented van. Screaming to get his attention, two kids pop out and save him. What he learns about the mystery guy is terrifying and it’s best if you try to escape him.
This entire time, we aren’t sure what the truth really is, but it’s out there.
Little by little, Seth pieces most of the puzzle together and the answers are stranger than what you can imagine.
When Seth hit his head on rocks in the ocean, I thought maybe someone had found him and tried saving his life. Maybe this world that he believes is real, is actually a place where you go while in a coma. Not quite alive, but sure as hell not dead yet. To a new world to try to come back. And I was sure as hell all wrong. This book will shock you and mess with your inner being. Will make you second guess every decision and make you wonder if this world is actually real or not.
The character development is superb. When each and every one of the characters back-stories arisen, it gets you in the most tenderest of spots.
The end will leave people angry, but for this type of book… it was perfect. You must look inside and be one with the world. Love who you are and don’t look back.




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