Questionable Children’s Books

A friend sent me an amazing article from buzzfeed. After reading it, I was on the hunt for these books from the library. I could only find 4/15, but I was shocked that I could find any. Maybe your search will be better.

Questionable Books For Adult Children

Who Care About Elderly People? By Child’s Play

I’m reading this for all the right reasons. Okay, maybe not what you think is right. In my mind the weirder the better.

Here we have a book teaching kids about older people. How just because they aren’t spring chickens doesn’t mean that they can’t cut a rug or do the robot.

They might need help at things that you can do. Assistance is just a hop, skip and a broken hip away.


The Muffin Muncher By Stephen Cosgrove

Woooo!! They don’t title books like this anymore. 

We all knew that dragons are a bunch of d-bags. Gimme Gimme Gimme… I need some more. None for you nasty dragon!

In a poor village lives a poor King who is also the poor master baker. Hush! I said baker! 

Everyday he travels to deliver tasty muffins to get money to survive. One day, a mean old fat hungry dragon is of course a muffin hoover. Moves underneath a drawbridge and makes his demand. 

Gimme ten muffins and I won’t burn down this bridge!!! Har har har!!

Who invited this fat putz along? 

Lets hope that the king just burns the top off this muffin man!


My Big Sister Takes Drugs By Judith Vigna

“She chose to take crack from her friends, and now she can’t stop.”

This was the perfect red pill crack book. That Tina meets the wrong crowd of people and hangs out at the park. There are only one type of people who hang out at the park and red crack people are it. 

The words they use to describe her addiction are just over the top hilarious. 

I now need to own this for my collection!

Junkies will always ruin the barbeque and roll around in the grass.


The Night Dad Went To Jail By Melissa Higgins

The title was the best thing about this book. What a way to want to commit a crime.

Sometimes rabbits do horrible things and have to pay the ultimate price. 

Hip hop your way to jail, dummy!


Great night of reading at my house tonight!!

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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