The Continent- Keira Drake

“You must reserve your pain for quiet moments. You must not let it soften you, but rather you must become sharpened by its edges, made stronger by its grip. When it claws at your heart, you must roar back. This is not a place for softness.”
If that quote doesn’t reach inside of you and squeeze your soul then you are in deep trouble.
Borrowed an arc from JT!! He received it at ALA Orlando!! Thanks!!
I didn’t know what I was getting myself into with this one. The hype for this is overwhelming and I just thought… well, here it goes. (eye roll) And then this book hits you like bricks being thrown off a roof and you’re mesmerized by the beauty and knowledge that were put into making this book. Blows you away.
Spire! The little land beyond the Continent. All the sides come together for peace and unity. No blood has been shed for quite some time and this is how it shall stay.
Vaela Sun is turning sixteen and her Mum and Pop throw her a magnificent party to celebrate. Opening gifts, her father is overly filled with joy. Three gifts are brought to her one by one and they are more breathtaking and gorgeous than the last. The last one is small and feels like it contains nothing but air. She gets the shock of her life when she opens the box and out comes tickets to tour The Continent.
Let’s side note here for a bit…. These tickets are harder to come by than Jesus coming back to earth and moon walking into outer space.
Her family and the Shaws are off on their own adventure into The Continent.
Picture this as you’re in a helicopter arriving into Jurassic Park.
Imagine the choppy cool air and the theme to match. Da da da da da da da! Da da da da!!
This book is powerful! Sitting on the edge on your seat, biting your fingernails and shivering at the coldness that is the Continent.
It will amaze you at how this will leave you begging for book two. I can’t wait to take this journey again!!
This will be one of the top books of 2017. Hold on to your britches!!


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