Leigh bardugo at the strand New York City 8-26-16

Well this day Atleast was good and no crazy road accidents unlike when went to Boston and no I was not in one. But usually day for NYC signings leave at 9 am and usually when done driving and bus I’m at the signing near 12:30-1 pending what I do before hand.  But much time to kill I sorta just spyed how event would run since never been before so everyone who worked as well knew I’d be near the very front. Finally near 2 my book friend Danielle from bookcon app showed up and chilled and talked stopped had coffee at place next door forget name I seriously wanted fruit protein blend with coffee but was almost 9 bucks!!! That’s out rageous but it’s NYC. So went with chai tea. Finally back in line sadly few others showed but there nice since know them already 1 being Brit book rambles she host the thing on Twitter. Other 2 is sister and sisters friend. So not end of world, then more and more people lined up saw few other friends wether at signings or thru the bookcon app. Finally at 6:15 let us in I get my front row spot. Not much longer finally Leigh with Jesse the reader showed up. If don’t know Jesse the reader is big YouTube star. So the q&a which was funny since it was 99% so what would your six of crows characters do. One was what song from Hamilton would your character sing. If want to see videos I did join the Facebook group owlcrate society that’s where there posted. Then was to signing I was #6 so got every signed and got as a card I think his name was kas but not sure. Tried leaving and running to books of wonder for Sarah porter and stalking Jack the ripper author but sadly didn’t make it on time.  So was 8:30 had choice go home or go back chill with friends. I ended up going back and saw Stella, Kat and rivka, and zuzu all bookcon app. And some friends saw at passed signing but there ig is like drowingintherandomfeels or simular and there nice and live out by me so hoping I can make some close book friends to chill and talk books. But besides that I headed back home extremely pooped since was near 11:30 when left for my house and got home at 1am. 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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