Replica- Lauren Oliver

“Besides, normal is overrated. Normal is a word invented by boring people to make them feel better about being boring.”

Some many times I have been burned by jumping on the Oliver fan train. Been thrown off and left bloody by the yawnfest that was her teen novels. But this! This will open your eyes and change your mind on reading her books and trusting people. 

I was expecting some paranoia and a twist. What you’re left with is horror, shock and a punch to the gut swung back from left field. Leaves you with a loss for words. 

There are a few ways to actually read this book. I chose to alternate between the two different point of views from chapter to chapter. I felt this way gave you a better feel and understanding at what was happening between the two at the exact same time. Not sure I would have enjoyed this as much if I read one side to finish and then the other. Start with Lyra and switch to Gemma for a fantastic journey to the unknown with alittle perv thrown in for good measure. 

Lyra is a patient at Haven, a secretive facility located in the swampland of Florida. None of them can read, write or even allowed to leave the facility. All of them were given numbers as names until a doctor gave them names after the constellations in the sky. Lyra has questions and no one is willing to hand them over so easily. Everyday they are tested and some of the patients have been slowly dying. They are treated like animals and it’s time to revolt. Lyra makes a run for it.

Gemma is known as Germ to the people at school. They have teased her for as long as she can remember. Ever since she was a little girl she has had horrendous medical problems and it restricts her from doing physical activities. Her best friend April is the only one who lifts her spirits. For spring break, her and April make plans to go to Florida and enjoy the sun.

Gemmas dad is part of some great conspiracy and once news passes to her dad, he forbids her from going on the trip. Desperate times come to desperate measures and she finds herself traveling to Florida with a guy who everyone calls Perv, but something sweet is in the air. 

Lyra runs away from Haven and stumbles upon another runaway named 72. While talking to each other, something catastrophic happens and they are now on the run.

There is so much that happens in this book that it’s hard to wrap it all up. This leaves you with just a taste. Hopefully enough for you to pick it up.

I am actually very excited for book two. A lot happened in book one and we need answers. It leaves you on the edge of a cliff and how is this going to wrap up? Gemma and Lyra together are a powerhouse set of characters. They are very well developed and you easily connect with them.

The deaths, the horror and the just plain strange is phenomenal. A tale that won’t soon be forgotten.


A thousand pieces of you by Claudia grey

This book I read so I can read her new series, but also my blogger friends  but big influence was darmaris of good choice reading and lent me this book.  But to say this book is about a girl (marguerite) she is so sad since her dad is murdered and has so much rage, her parents are very famous for making a time travel item called the firebird which can transport small items. So that’s a big influence to the dad being murdered. And all answers point to her dads assistant paul who is odd and extreme intro vert. In some odd circumstances she finds a way to time warp so she can chase Paul thru many Time zones. The discriptions of these towns or cities or era’s is pretty cool and Claudia uses very good words to show what there like I wished I could say where they time warp but I can’t.  But with each warp they take on the personalities of there Deminension so it gets confusing if there in right mind or mind that there in time zone. Like future or past. 

But besides mild things I liked I’ll come back to. I just came off reading Illuminae so I was unsure if I could handle another fantasy since I wanted to read a contempory but this is not to hard to read so it’s a good book if want some fantasy but nothing to extreme, so over all I will read book 2 and this book was good 5/5 ~~~~ justin 

The Goblin Crown- Robert Hewitt Wolfe

“The greatest beast crushes the bravest man. The bravest man slaughters the wiliest fox. The wiliest fox preys on the most elusive bird. The most elusive bird pecks up the smallest insect. And with a single diseased bite, the smallest insect brings down the greatest beast. We are all carrion and eaters of carrion, fertilizer for the wheat that makes our bread. Place a crown over it. And call it paradise.”

Received a galley edition of this book from Turner Publishing for an honest review!

They don’t pull punches here and get right to the good stuff. It goes from a page of introducing the teenagers and then bam, goblins galore. (Please note that I’m sick, so if this makes you feel uncomfortable at any time… please step out of the train car.)

Billy is your typical nerdy student, except for these spells that cause him to get dizzy. Once he gets dizzy, he sees things and feels them. Like he’s in another world.

Lexi tries to comfort him, but to no use. He brushes her off and things go from bad to worse. While during lunch, he stumbles again getting dizzy and drops his lunch all over the quarterback Kurt. 

Kurt has special plans on getting them back at the end of the day. And after school, Kurt waits and waits for them to show face. Knowing what’s to come, Lexi and Billy go another way to avoid this escapade. Kurt being who he is, know all and starts giving chase. Lexi and Billy escaping into a tunnel that they didn’t know existed. And poof! They find themselves in a mysterious land. One that they have never seen before. 

Welcome to the land of Kiranok!! The underground world of Goblins and magical creatures a like. 

The Goblins have been at war with the Hanorians and the crown has been unclaimed. It is time for an unlikely creature to come and place the crown on their head. Once it is touched by the chosen one, the ruby jewel with shine bright and the world is to know that the king has returned home.

With some unfortunate events that occur while trying to not only save themselves but also save the Goblin race. One of those three teenagers is heir to the throne. But which one has it in them to save what is rightfully theirs?

This was one heck of an adventurous thrill ride. I felt that I was placed at the Shire waiting for someone to come and steal the ring. But instead of a ring we have a crown that needs to be placed with his rightful owner. 

The pace seemed way out of whack, which took away from the story. It started off at the highest point and towards the middle dropped down, but seemed to pick up more speed before the crown found its owner and then it dropped again. A crazy ride of speeds and bumps in the road. I still look forward to seeing what Billy and his friends have in store. 

Let the games begin!!!


Illuminae by jay kristoff & Amie Kaufman 

I just finished so I will just do the good reads summary 

This book will put you thru all the emotions of to loving it, hating, wanting to murder things. If wasn’t for group chat might of Kelpt skipping this, glad I read it but also not since I’m one of rare people and this book freaked me out to much and might of done a dnf on it. I know Stacy loved both I’m giving it 5 stars since was good but not my fortay since I count this like a sci fi horror book. 

5/5 stars ~~~~justin (who is green as can be) 

Me And Mr. J- Rachel McIntyre

“When I close my eyes, I see him lying next to me in bed. I can almost hear him breathing and feel his arms around me. Feel his skin. The pure, clean version of that afternoon, not their dirty, perverted account; that’s what I’m clinging on to. The truth!”
Anyone that really knows me knows that I will read every book about student teacher inappropriateness before I kick the big bucket into the sky. Why? I don’t know why. It’s one of those taboo subjects people get their panties in a twist for and I love it. More awkwardness, please!!

Lara is a depressed high school student. Her best friend Chloe left her to join the clique of the popular girls and no it’s all Lara who? 

Her family lost their money when her dads business went under and they decided to stick it town rather than moving along with her Uncle and being in the solar panel business. Now paycheck to paycheck is all they can look forward to. Her mum is a cleaning lady for the mean bully at school. Ding ding ding, ring that bell.

This leads to horrendous bullying that Lara won’t let out in the air and ask for help.

Until Mr. Ben Jagger makes an appearance and all the girls are smitten. Fighting for his attention. The English teacher is out on maternity leave and in her place comes this drop-dead gorgeous thing named Ben. Let the harassing and dreaming begin. 

With the fighting over his attention becomes more and more over the top, Lara and her bullies step it up a notch. The bullying becomes more crime like and people should really be put in jail for what they have done to her. When she fights back, they make her wish that she never did. And now what’s a girl to do?

Mr. J sees that Lara is in need and opens up his door to her and also his pants (Eventually) Lara becomes over the moon with emotions and helps Mr. J any way she can.

On the way to a college tour to Cambridge, they take the relationship from student teacher to something so much more and dangerous. 

Keeping things a secret is even tougher when his ex-girlfriend starts snooping around.

This was such a heartbreaking book to get through. The bullying was exact and dreadful. These are the things that kids actually deal with and they are afraid to speak up. It shocks you at what these kids get away with towards the middle of this book. I can’t believe people can be so heartless. 

The love story that blossoms over through the book is kind of uplifting. He saves her from a complete meltdown and lifts her spirits. Maybe she isn’t that bad at everything like those bullies have been planting in her head. 

A lot of people will say that he preyed on the weak, but it felt more like adoration all around. To me, it was sweet and caring. 

The only part that I didn’t like was how everything ended. There was no finding each other and it was just left open. I hope that means something else will be written about Lara and Ben because I don’t think their story is quite over yet.

Let love bloom and don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying what you want.


Bedmates by Nichole chase 

Nothing like a good old cup of java in the am and I’m sad not as much passed years because I just finished my last pumpkin spice k cup there mad good. Only thing not as sad is its diffrent brand PS. This year it’s Wesley farms my company (bj’s) for it where years passed the 80 pack was green mountain and it’s PS is to die for.  *And that was advertisement was sponcered by  coffee the daily sun in our ordinary boring lives* we now bring you to your normal broadcasting. *beep*

Justin here and onto bed mates. This book was pretty enjoyable given also since presidential vote is coming up. Starts of Madeline or maddie as she likes to be called is presidents daughter, and we all know the drama that entails no normal life even college wasn’t normal for her. She is animal activist so she does a stupid thing, she breaks into a animal testing place to free the animals of course she gets caught. But being the presidents daughter the incident gets snuffed under a rug. Barely a cuff on her. But to make up for this incident her dad makes her do charity work for veterans. Part of issue is not the community work it’s having to work together with Vice Presidents son (jake simmion) who maddie can not stand with a passion over the years. So questions then asked can she handle working with him or end of bailing and disappointing all around her espcially those animals she cared for gotta read this book. 

Some things I liked is how spunky and maddie is a very strong independent women and will do things for greater good like if she see’s someone sad or even mad will know there is a truer side to them. Another is he author tries to show to help out and show courage and you can go to others for help since there is verterans in this book so PTSD is a major point to the book, besides a strong independent women.  Wait hold on since this deals with the government you can see the in’s and outs of scheming political party people and who to trust and who are just plain out 2 faced aholes so it also added to funny/ fiesta scenes. So I enjoyed it a lot and maybe this book can help you with see the issues of PTSD and maybe make things a tad funner in bed maybe maybe you as Stacy said I had to use BOING BOING haha I’m laughing to myself there. 5/5 ~~~~JUSTIN