Vassa in the night by Sarah porter

This book was soooo weird but good and bad at times. Starts out though a girl (vassa)  with no mother or father and is living with step mother from hell and a few sisters one step and one half sister. And only thing she has that is like family is a doll that is basically Human minus bathroom stuff. But one day arguement ensues from one sister to vassa about lights so vassa being brave and mad goes to the store by’s which no one really goes to since they say if try to steal you’ll get your head chopped off. Well that’s where freaky stuff happens. Vassa with some weird things happening can she survive the night who knows. Some things that I loved in this book is I’m a scary cat so this book had me on edge literally until I finally adjusted to weirdness of this book wait till you see. Plus this book revolves surviving some what but guess can mild flirting or romance so cool to see. Maybe her flirting is with eyeballs ;). Muhahaha. 

Some things I did not like we’re at times when a event happens seems like would be a dead end but suddenly it’s not and still confused then how said events happened to how escaped or make new cause. But other than that part and extremely slow start like wasn’t page 70ish till she is at the store. 

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