All The Bright Places- Jennifer Niven

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“You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.”

This was my first time of reading anything by Jennifer Niven and I was blown away.

She captured perfectly how when people don’t understand, they ignore it. A true encounter with mental illness. Sometimes love just isn’t enough. 

Finch and Violet meet in the strangest of places. In the bell tower at school. Same ideas are running through their heads and Finch helps Violet through her fears and they both come down. News spreads that Violet saved Finch and it all started with a smile. 

Finch is the freak, the nobody, the person who all the bullies want to gang up on and he’s finally tired of it. But there is something about Violet that makes him want to live and love. With that one smile, she has won him over. she is all he breathes and thinks about. 

Violet lost her sister not that long ago and she blames herself for the accident. It was her idea to go one way and now she must live with the guilt. She’s here and Eleanor isn’t. Thinking of jumping from the bell tower was her escape and now she has Finch to lean on. 

Teaming up for a project together to explore Indiana, they wind up finding each other in a way that they didn’t imagine. 

Sleepless nights and dreamy tomorrows lead to a heartbreaking end that will leave you wanting to change your life for the better.

No one is ever better than anyone else and don’t ever put anyone in a situation like that. We don’t know what others are going through and have no right to judge the next person. No one is perfect and we should accept everyone for who they are. Love and help each other grow. 

This will seriously open your eyes and leave you almost in tears.

People will always feel intimidated by what they don’t know and maybe it’s our time to show them what they are missing.


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