Wrecked- Maria Padian


“She opens the door, just a crack. Fluorescent light from the hallway pours in. She sticks her head out the door. She sees no one. Jenny runs.”

This is the book that everyone should read. Girls getting ready to enter the grownup world of college, people who think that college is just all fun and games and everyone in between need to read Jennys compelling story. 

It leaves you gasping for air and hoping that justice will be served for what people think they can get away with. 

With each chapter comes the story of the life of Haley and Richard. Two innocent people dragged into a harrowing tale of he said she said. 

Haleys roommate Jenny, breaks down after a party and states that she was sexually assaulted. It takes a lot of coaxing, but she is finally ready to report the act and let the bastard suffer for what he dished out. Going further into the investigation, Jenny needs an advisor and chooses Haley. 

The boy who is accused chooses his house mate as his advisor and things get stormy from there.

Both advisors for the case have some sort of history. They have a simple romantic connection and the case is tearing these two apart. 

Will Jenny overcome and will justice be served?

I love the aspect of both these characters growing along with each other to help friends deal with a serious and heavy situation, but this will make you hate society.

How people don’t support each other in time of need. Be there for one another instead of throwing each other down the river to help yourself stay afloat. 

Lately, a lot of high profile cases that are social media influenced have to deal with this very painful situation. As we are quick to judge, we must also hear the facts first and then decide. It all comes down to the boy who cried wolf. We can’t go pointing fingers at people and expect someone to face the consequences of something that they may have or haven’t done. 

Before we judge one another, let us listen and grow from these things.


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