More Awkward Childrens Books

After I finished reviewing those buzzfeed books that were out of this world awkward. I thought to myself… that can’t be all of the strange childrens books. So I conducted my own search and found a few more. There are tons out there, but I found these at the local library. Enjoy! 

I Wish Daddy Didn’t Drink So Much- Judith Vigna

I know that these aren’t supposed to be funny, but I can’t help my crazy self.

This one had its moments of awkward hilarity.

“I knew it was only Daddy in a Santa suit because he bumped into my bed twice and spilled beer on the rug”

Christmas brews always ruin things for the rest of us.


When Mommy Got Hurt- Ilene Lee

When Mommy got hurt is a story told through a childs eyes. She witnessed domestic violence and is now dealing with the aftermath.

Dad hit mom, someone started to bleed and now he’s in jail. And the best thing to do is talk about it.

In this year, bullying is up since this book was published. I’m not sure talking to same aged kids will help anyone. It would only make this situation worse. This will only lead to more awkward situations to come.


My Two Uncles- Judith Vigna

Let me just begin by saying that you can tell this book was wrote in the 90’s. Where everyone was afraid to be around same sex couples because they thought they might try to force them into being like them. Ha! Idiots!

A family forced to deal with an ignorant grandpa about his son Ned and his partner Phil. 

But I guess to make someone understand and accept you, all you have to do is make one hell of a diorama and all is right with the world. 

If only RuPaul made a special appearance….


And I Saved the best for last!!!

Where Willy Went- Nicholas Allan

Extremely weird, but highly enjoyable.

Willy was just your average nut sac sperm and he swims and swims and swims to practice for the big day.

School is tough for Willy. He’s horrible at math, but is the greatest swimmer. 

The big day is here! He must swim through Mr. Browne and shoot out into Mrs. Browne to get to the goody prize. 

And here he goes…. spew spew spew!!! 

Mrs. Browne gets pregnant….but who won the race?

If I had a kid, I’m not sure I would want them to look at this book. A little on the graphic side, but a great educational tool for explaining the birds and the bees mystery.


If you have any suggestions for more awkward books that should join this list, let us know and maybe it will be featured in another installment of awkward childrens books! 

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