Day 1 of comic con

Day started with waking up at 4 am to get to javitz center by 6am smart choice. Line was already wrapped around the place but to keep coming I had my friend Kat so time went by pretty quick. Finally time go in we got living inside pretty fast and hopped to chute area and got dr who panel line. Kat received it then went to showcase line. Waited then at 10 got upstairs to the book houses. Did epic reads and Said I swear my oath to the scarlet guard and received the bandana which I love then went to penguin to get blood rose rebellion for being first to read email subscriber. Excited for this book. Then tried hopping to Abrahams to get roseblood by a.g. Howard crazy enough 10 mins in was gone so was sad but they said more tomorrow. Rest of day was circling but the houses weren’t giving arcs but met up with jacklin and Marcella I know them from signings in area plus thru Instagram & my friend Kelly who I met way back when over a year ago at my first ever author event which was PC and Kristin cast. So over all all a meh day ended up with only 9 books so was disappointed. Ended the day with dinner with kelly and Kat at Spanish place. Atleast this night I got 5 hours sleep unlike the day of this con was 2 hours.  Oh ps so totally forgot after just spinning in circles we all hopped to a panel on books to movies. And myself had taken sponcered by epic reads for carve the mark bike cabbie. Which was fun. Then watch the panel and had Alex bracken, Blake krouch author of dark matter. Author of the magicians series, a monster calls author and 2 others . Sadly I tried hard but was falling asleep in my spot given lack of sleep. So that’s my first day. 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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