Day 2 of comic con. 

This day was soooo much better. But Atleast Friday 2nd day of comic con I got 5 hours sleep compared to day 1 where was running only on 2 hours. Plus only 15 min commute into NYC since staying close to the city. Than 2 hour drive from my house. But starts off get in line at 6 am much shorter compared to get in Thursday. Get to publishing booths my first goal was roseblood by A.g. Howard. I got there so early they didn’t even have the books yet. But said would save one since they knew I was trying day before. So ended up getting in Alex bracken line again even though met her day before just to say hi and chatted about her dog.   Only bad thing that happened from it sayes line is supposed to start at 10 and Hyperion people started at 10:15 since was anncy to get to other booths. Luckly finally did and went to little brown and we’re giving paper backs to wolf by wolf yay yay yay!! If haven’t read it please do!!!. And helps since I’m meeting Ryan at yallfest so can get blood for blood signed as well wolf by wolf.  Then got in line for epic reads faerie take retellings arc drop. I received hunted by Meagan spooner but your choices were the wish granted by cj redwine, and one other book i forget the name of them ran to macmillian for caraval drop. Made it in time. Rest of day is a fuzz besides epic reads panel with Garth nixs, and umm forget authors names but one wrote for book 2 aerie. Then last part of day was I went to books of wonder to meet sarah porter who wrote vassa in the night and Victoria swab who I saw earlier in the day so that was fun. Then headed home. To restart again but much earlier since it was shadow hunters panel day. 3 am wake up call ;). 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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