Comic con day 3 panel day. 

This day starts off like I said in yesterday’s blog I got up at 3:30 am and made it to some kind of hall like called Hammerstein made it there by 4:30 am. Yes heard right 4:30 am, I was 6th in line with a few others who had been there since like 9pm the night before. We were all lucky the rain held off till evening. 

Hard to see but that’s all of us. So the painful wait till 9:45 to let us in. My bookcon friends made it in time so hung out with Milen,Ashley, and her friend and someone got talking to online. The torture besides pain of waiting whole time was a Dunkin donuts across the street but didn’t do it since I’d have to run to bathroom a lot. Finally 9:45 came the rapid dash to seats and past security. To find out that top 2 rows were for press only. Luckly no one tall sat in front of me. Oh didn’t say the panels oops. But I came for shadow hunters but panel before that was teen wolf for its last ever panel together even though don’t watch the show I felt all the sadness and all of it’s very last season. And the video for the show was insanely epic!! To a point I might want to watch teen wolf. And I learned first hand what fan girls are like since bum rushed to find seats I didn’t get up since was happy with where I was at but the pushing was insane. Finally shadow hunters started and it was great and hilarious due to Dom since he is the prankster of the group. Again I’m bad at this right before the panel started Doms girl friend Sarah forget last name who plays on modern family was 2 rows next to me and I had go get a pic since anyone who knows me I love vampire academy so I rushed over to get a selfie. Now back to panel it was fun. Given I’m only on episode 4 of shadow hunters I sorta spoiled myself oh well no biggie. Up next were questions I forget a lot but a few I had to take pictures since my bookcon friends zuzu and Milen asked a question. And for zuzu she asked a question and asked Izzy her character name for a hug and Izzy did and Dom helped her up on stage  and I can say one of her loved days ever. 

Wait this day isn’t over yet oh no we’re getting to the best part 😉 😉 ;). I had entered a week before comic con for Tixs to win autograph session with the cast and I won. So been dieing for this time since been wanting to meet Dom so bad since he played Christian ozera on vampire academy so I got 2 va cast members in one day!!! Yes ! Yes!! Yes!! And while waiting I was so nervous I Kelpt forget what I was going to say to Dom. Which was hello Christian ozera. Finally cast shows up. We’re all excited a group of us. Zuzu, Ashley lightwood and Milen and myself. Person who was first in line started and I don’t know if was Matt’s fault who plays Alec or the fan but coffee got spilled all over so rip coffee but it was hilarious, so made it to him and made a joke about the coffee saying you just killed the parents of the that coffee kid. He laughed but said I am sooo embarrsed that happened. I will remember that now a funny memory. Then was up to clary she plays red headed one in the show. She asked me how far I was in the show and how I liked it and I said embarrsing im only on ep 4 but she said plenty of time to get caught up and off to luke which was thank you for everything. Finally finally up to Dom and I didn’t flub it I said hello Christian ozera he laughed and I asked if still called that he said not as much but remembers more for that. I told him I love vampire academy and talked that tiny bit and mentioned I have a tattoo he jumps up and shouts OH MY GOD please show me so I do and he sayes wicked and that means you killed 2 strigoi then. Finally Publist sayes come along now and off to Simon and shortly talk how much of dorks we are. Rest of night and still am I am in absolute shock. I don’t do panels for shows but i just might now if it’s free.  

After all of this I felt really sick from lack of sleep so went home. But for rest of my life I’ll cherish these moments with them and my bookcon friends.  If wasn’t for Ashley on the app none of this would of happened. So one more day after this thank god since I was sooo freaking tired. 

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