Nice Girls Endure- Chris Struyk-Bonn

I was able to step outside and past my deficiencies and show the world my true self. This is me. All of me. And that may involve being overweight,  but Im more than a number on a scale. Im more than a sum of my parts…..And thats what truly matters.”
Received an arc from Capstone at BEA Chicago 2016!!!
Heartbreakingly beautiful. My heart aches in my chest for Chelsea. Bullying is a powerful disaster that needs to be stopped and this book will lead that in the right direction. 

Chelsea is large and in charge. She is kind of short and has a few love handles to spare. The kids in school definitely let her know that too. This sets her anxiety into high gear, along with the rash that follows. 

With the cruel torment of her fellow evil classmates, she feels that she will never belong. Until Melody sweeps her up in her arms and gives her courage.

They start with doing a school project together to hanging out almost every day and being the wind beneath their wings for each other. 

Raising money for a new camera for film class, she decides to help with the annual school dance. And the unthinkable happens that sends her into a tailspin. That devastatingly destroys her. 

What she focuses on is her amazing beautiful toes and her love of the musicals, but is that enough to satisfy Chelsea in her life as an overweight beauty with an even bigger voice?

This book was tremendously overwhelming. With the bullying and what those boys did to Chelsea just breaks your heart.

Growing up, I was a bigger girl and no one seemed to bug me about it. Well, that could be because people were afraid of my friends and I. The kids these days are ruthless and have no morals when it comes to bullying.

I think all bullies and people affected by bullies need to pick this up. This will open your eyes on how people are really treated.

Before you open your mouth, maybe you need to ask questions and get to know that person. and most of the time people belittle others just to make their lives feel better. when you’re down, you bring everyone else down with you and that needs to stop. 

Before you bully anyone, just imagine someone saying these awful things to someone you love. It doesn’t feel great now, does it?


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4 thoughts on “Nice Girls Endure- Chris Struyk-Bonn

  1. I read this book last month and I loved it. I felt so sad for everything that happened to her. People are so mean and selfish these days. Bullies should be punished or at least educated at a young age. They don’t know how their actions are ruining someone’s life.
    Great review. 🙂

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      1. Same here. I recommend this book a lot to people. Everyone should know how it’s like to be bullied just because of your appearance. Sadly, in this world full of all kinds of educational resources, no one is really educated.

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