Speed Of Life- J.M. Kelly

​”Our future stretches out in front of us and for the first time in my entire life,  I’m looking forward to it.”

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Super twin powers… activate!

This book sure caught me by surprise. The story took me in a direction I didn’t think this was going to go. when my mind thought something, it led me towards another opening and I didn’t expect what was coming behind the corner. And that’s what I really loved about this book. With all the shocking plot twists, it left you guessing up until almost the end. 

Meet Crystal and Amber, two twins trying to survive life while taking care of a baby. Junior year, one of the girls got pregnant and they promised each other that they would both care for baby Natalie. 

With school, work and taking care of a baby becomes a small disaster, but a loving one.

Plans are for both to finish High School, move out of the terrible neighborhood and make a fantastic life of their own, but as we know things never work out the way that you want them to. 

Now let us add some spice to this mix. Han, guy at school with the bluest eyes, the blackest shirts and a heart of gold. David, a pretty rich boy with a smoking car and with an even smokier look and works side by side with Crystal at the Gas/auto repair shop. Sigh! I was hoping for the love triangle and instead we got feminist power that wasn’t overpowering or eye rolling. 

Crystal has a dream of restoring antique cars and the only way she can do that is by going to college in Kansas. Which is seventeen hundred miles away and adds the tear into the dreamy plans. 

But, living in poverty while taking care of an infant puts a hole in all of the plans even the secret ones. 

Can Crystal and Amber get to their goals without getting into trouble?

Let’s hope there is a second book to this. While some parts got me hooked and others seemed to push me away, I still want to know what happened to Crystal and Amber. And what comes of David? Let’s hope someone got to him before he was left out.

It was a good story of how life in poverty goes and how your entire life revolves around your kid when you have one. They are first priority. 

Sometimes in life you must think of yourself before others. Once you love and respect yourself, you can do the same for others.


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