Joyride by  anna banks 

This book is a contemporary so it’s a tad predictable like a lot from this genra but absolutely loved it. I know I say that a lot but I’m easly pleased. But starts out Carley vega is slowly saving money wih her brother to get her family back to states since they were deported. While saving she is working all night at a convience store while doing school to graduate. She would be the first to do so and hoping for a scholarship, she is extremely shy and does everything she can not attract attention in school. Then there is a guy Arden moss he is the sheriffs son so he has everything the money the popularity used to be the star quarterback it he dropped it the day his sister committed suicide and he is living in guilt of it. So in a incident at the convience store the 2 meet and suddenly for Arden he only notices even though for years the 2 have had classes. Can these 2 live thru the diversity since Arden extremely popular and Carley not at all and sudden attention of everyone plus what’s not a contemporary book with out some from pranks that Arden particularly likes to do.  Some things I liked even though was insta love suddenly for Arden he is extremely adorable to her and I love contemporary’s like that and does his best to be the gentleman. And the pranks in this story I know are believable and not to excessive and when I met anna she said every prank in this book she has done. The final prank I feel though is extremely stupid though…. And hopefully Anna didn’t get busted but I’ll have to ask. Some things this points out is the diversity for Spanish people in the south but more so on area’s that would be close to the border than in Florida. Like the sheriff moss Arden’s father despises Spanish people with a passion and will do anything to be a jerk so of course that will be a major point to this book. 

Some things that don’t bother me but others is this book is extremely predictable so if don’t like predicable books this won’t be your book. I know Stacy despises that so I wouldn’t suggest that to her. But like said I loved/ liked this book. 5/5 stars ~~~~~ justin 

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