Don’t Tempt Me- Lori Foster

Received a copy from BEA Chicago 2016 and met the author!

Somedays you just need to prop your feet up with a glass of wine and forget all about reality. With this never ending doom of an election, clown sightings and people being grabbed like six packs, you need something cheesy and uplifting to change your mood. That’s where L. Foster comes in. 

Love never comes into your life when you are looking for it. I can say this first hand. So, trust me I know!

Honor Brown is anything but a damsel in distress. She bought a tiny fixer-upper house and plans on remodeling the entire house to make it her home.

Her best friend Lexie tags along to help Honor on her big day. Things don’t go so well when they spot some hunks outside and Honor kills their trashcan. Getting the attention of those men gets them distracted. (poke poke)

Automatically Honor is smitten with Jason, the next door neighbor who forgets what a shirt is. But she’ll never be the first to admit that.

Honor accepts the help from the neighbors to help her move in. They take care of her like a family would except for Jason. Oh! he helps alright….. (can we say boing boing boing)

As Honor starts to feel more welcomed and tries not to fall in love, Lexie has other plans.

She can’t stop thinking about the neighbor across the street, Sullivan. They seem to be caught in each others webs and he might change her for the better. 

With secret lives comes bigger hearts and no time for regrets. 

I swear to you these scenarios only happen in books and films. An innocent girl moves onto a street with hunky beefcakes and one wants her for more than her body. Say what!!?

This was a nice escape from the life of a frustrated Illinoian. The story was cute and there is a lot more going on in the story then I let you believe, it was just way too predictable for me. And I get that it’s the point of the contemporary romance, but I needed some more drama or hatred. Not sure which one, but probably both. 

Justin get ready for it! You’ll love this!!!


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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