A Life In Parts- Bryan Cranston

“Did I want to put my life in the hands of a guy who said tubular and who was probably stoned out of his mind?”

Bryan Cranston is the man, the legend and the king of tighty whiteys.
You know this autobiography was going to be epic when it begins with Walter White being a badass and watching someone die.
I’ve been kind of obsessed with BC after seeing him in Malcolm In The Middle. Hal was just a goofy loveable dad and you envied those kids for having a dad that hilariously awkward. Little by little I found out he starred in a lot more sitcoms than you can imagine. You feel yourself going back in memory lane to see if you can remember him in anything else before you cheat and look on IMDB.

Bryan has had anything but a simple life. His dad was in the industry and that’s all he focused on while having a wife and a few kids at home. That lead to a family breaking up and parents not being able to sit in the same room together any longer.
With seeing some things in shambles, he wanted a different life. A better life and it started with him not taking no for an answer.
Not only do we found out a lot more about this tighty whitey king, but for each show that was mentioned in this book he gives you a more in-depth view of what it was like to be a part of it and gave you a few experiences. From scripts to memorizing, costars, production and even the input they all had to make these shows memorable.
I think fans of Breaking Bad will not be disappointed. He covers a lot of things that goes along with the show and if that’s why you are reading this then hurrah!
A Life In Parts is a memorable, sometimes funny and a masterpiece of a memoir. It leaves you wanting to know more about the actor that we have all came to love.
And now I leave you with a little wisdom from the great BC.

“You get addicted to emotions. Our endorphins kick in and it’s like a high. On the low end you might love roller coasters. On the high end you might be a bank robber or something.”


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