Bedmates by Nichole chase 

Nothing like a good old cup of java in the am and I’m sad not as much passed years because I just finished my last pumpkin spice k cup there mad good. Only thing not as sad is its diffrent brand PS. This year it’s Wesley farms my company (bj’s) for it where years passed the 80 pack was green mountain and it’s PS is to die for.  *And that was advertisement was sponcered by  coffee the daily sun in our ordinary boring lives* we now bring you to your normal broadcasting. *beep*

Justin here and onto bed mates. This book was pretty enjoyable given also since presidential vote is coming up. Starts of Madeline or maddie as she likes to be called is presidents daughter, and we all know the drama that entails no normal life even college wasn’t normal for her. She is animal activist so she does a stupid thing, she breaks into a animal testing place to free the animals of course she gets caught. But being the presidents daughter the incident gets snuffed under a rug. Barely a cuff on her. But to make up for this incident her dad makes her do charity work for veterans. Part of issue is not the community work it’s having to work together with Vice Presidents son (jake simmion) who maddie can not stand with a passion over the years. So questions then asked can she handle working with him or end of bailing and disappointing all around her espcially those animals she cared for gotta read this book. 

Some things I liked is how spunky and maddie is a very strong independent women and will do things for greater good like if she see’s someone sad or even mad will know there is a truer side to them. Another is he author tries to show to help out and show courage and you can go to others for help since there is verterans in this book so PTSD is a major point to the book, besides a strong independent women.  Wait hold on since this deals with the government you can see the in’s and outs of scheming political party people and who to trust and who are just plain out 2 faced aholes so it also added to funny/ fiesta scenes. So I enjoyed it a lot and maybe this book can help you with see the issues of PTSD and maybe make things a tad funner in bed maybe maybe you as Stacy said I had to use BOING BOING haha I’m laughing to myself there. 5/5 ~~~~JUSTIN 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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