New Author Spotlight

Here we are. It’s a new week and we are going to bring you a new author.

I had the privilege of chatting with the author on Goodreads and he sent me a copy of his novella for a review. I was addicted from the start and I hope you will be too. And without further ado, I bring you an author that will sweep you off of your feet and huff and puff and blow your house down….


He sent me a copy of Lemon Sting which you will devour in no time at all and crave more.


GoodReads synopsis of Lemon Sting:

    Margaret works at a restaurant, living life day by day, trapped in a routine that never seems to end. Lee works at an old electronics store where he is frequently bored out of his mind. After Margaret breaks routine one night and goes out to a club, she shows up at neighbor Lee’s apartment, drunk enough to remember almost nothing. When she discovers that a friend she left behind a long time ago is dead, Lee is by her side as events that will dig up the past are set in motion. Margaret tries to deal with her new reality, the one she thought was long gone and Lee tries to help in any way he can to give his life new meaning. As events spiral further and further out of control, the duo will learn that the past never stays buried and that it can have deadly effects on the present.

Now go out and add it to GoodReads

He also informed me that he’ll have another short story book available for purchase.

Silence Under Screams

It’s only available on Kindle, but lets change that and make it a bestseller.

Buy it on Amazon

Here we leave you with my Lemon Sting Review




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