Me And Mr. J- Rachel McIntyre

“When I close my eyes, I see him lying next to me in bed. I can almost hear him breathing and feel his arms around me. Feel his skin. The pure, clean version of that afternoon, not their dirty, perverted account; that’s what I’m clinging on to. The truth!”
Anyone that really knows me knows that I will read every book about student teacher inappropriateness before I kick the big bucket into the sky. Why? I don’t know why. It’s one of those taboo subjects people get their panties in a twist for and I love it. More awkwardness, please!!

Lara is a depressed high school student. Her best friend Chloe left her to join the clique of the popular girls and no it’s all Lara who? 

Her family lost their money when her dads business went under and they decided to stick it town rather than moving along with her Uncle and being in the solar panel business. Now paycheck to paycheck is all they can look forward to. Her mum is a cleaning lady for the mean bully at school. Ding ding ding, ring that bell.

This leads to horrendous bullying that Lara won’t let out in the air and ask for help.

Until Mr. Ben Jagger makes an appearance and all the girls are smitten. Fighting for his attention. The English teacher is out on maternity leave and in her place comes this drop-dead gorgeous thing named Ben. Let the harassing and dreaming begin. 

With the fighting over his attention becomes more and more over the top, Lara and her bullies step it up a notch. The bullying becomes more crime like and people should really be put in jail for what they have done to her. When she fights back, they make her wish that she never did. And now what’s a girl to do?

Mr. J sees that Lara is in need and opens up his door to her and also his pants (Eventually) Lara becomes over the moon with emotions and helps Mr. J any way she can.

On the way to a college tour to Cambridge, they take the relationship from student teacher to something so much more and dangerous. 

Keeping things a secret is even tougher when his ex-girlfriend starts snooping around.

This was such a heartbreaking book to get through. The bullying was exact and dreadful. These are the things that kids actually deal with and they are afraid to speak up. It shocks you at what these kids get away with towards the middle of this book. I can’t believe people can be so heartless. 

The love story that blossoms over through the book is kind of uplifting. He saves her from a complete meltdown and lifts her spirits. Maybe she isn’t that bad at everything like those bullies have been planting in her head. 

A lot of people will say that he preyed on the weak, but it felt more like adoration all around. To me, it was sweet and caring. 

The only part that I didn’t like was how everything ended. There was no finding each other and it was just left open. I hope that means something else will be written about Lara and Ben because I don’t think their story is quite over yet.

Let love bloom and don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying what you want.


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