A thousand pieces of you by Claudia grey

This book I read so I can read her new series, but also my blogger friends  but big influence was darmaris of good choice reading and lent me this book.  But to say this book is about a girl (marguerite) she is so sad since her dad is murdered and has so much rage, her parents are very famous for making a time travel item called the firebird which can transport small items. So that’s a big influence to the dad being murdered. And all answers point to her dads assistant paul who is odd and extreme intro vert. In some odd circumstances she finds a way to time warp so she can chase Paul thru many Time zones. The discriptions of these towns or cities or era’s is pretty cool and Claudia uses very good words to show what there like I wished I could say where they time warp but I can’t.  But with each warp they take on the personalities of there Deminension so it gets confusing if there in right mind or mind that there in time zone. Like future or past. 

But besides mild things I liked I’ll come back to. I just came off reading Illuminae so I was unsure if I could handle another fantasy since I wanted to read a contempory but this is not to hard to read so it’s a good book if want some fantasy but nothing to extreme, so over all I will read book 2 and this book was good 5/5 ~~~~ justin 

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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