Replica- Lauren Oliver

“Besides, normal is overrated. Normal is a word invented by boring people to make them feel better about being boring.”

Some many times I have been burned by jumping on the Oliver fan train. Been thrown off and left bloody by the yawnfest that was her teen novels. But this! This will open your eyes and change your mind on reading her books and trusting people. 

I was expecting some paranoia and a twist. What you’re left with is horror, shock and a punch to the gut swung back from left field. Leaves you with a loss for words. 

There are a few ways to actually read this book. I chose to alternate between the two different point of views from chapter to chapter. I felt this way gave you a better feel and understanding at what was happening between the two at the exact same time. Not sure I would have enjoyed this as much if I read one side to finish and then the other. Start with Lyra and switch to Gemma for a fantastic journey to the unknown with alittle perv thrown in for good measure. 

Lyra is a patient at Haven, a secretive facility located in the swampland of Florida. None of them can read, write or even allowed to leave the facility. All of them were given numbers as names until a doctor gave them names after the constellations in the sky. Lyra has questions and no one is willing to hand them over so easily. Everyday they are tested and some of the patients have been slowly dying. They are treated like animals and it’s time to revolt. Lyra makes a run for it.

Gemma is known as Germ to the people at school. They have teased her for as long as she can remember. Ever since she was a little girl she has had horrendous medical problems and it restricts her from doing physical activities. Her best friend April is the only one who lifts her spirits. For spring break, her and April make plans to go to Florida and enjoy the sun.

Gemmas dad is part of some great conspiracy and once news passes to her dad, he forbids her from going on the trip. Desperate times come to desperate measures and she finds herself traveling to Florida with a guy who everyone calls Perv, but something sweet is in the air. 

Lyra runs away from Haven and stumbles upon another runaway named 72. While talking to each other, something catastrophic happens and they are now on the run.

There is so much that happens in this book that it’s hard to wrap it all up. This leaves you with just a taste. Hopefully enough for you to pick it up.

I am actually very excited for book two. A lot happened in book one and we need answers. It leaves you on the edge of a cliff and how is this going to wrap up? Gemma and Lyra together are a powerhouse set of characters. They are very well developed and you easily connect with them.

The deaths, the horror and the just plain strange is phenomenal. A tale that won’t soon be forgotten.


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